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Offers online services


My work as a professional artist as well as being a full time teacher in Hawaii for 5 yrs, is what has given me the experience to provide meaningful and transformative lessons in my field. I have a great deal of passion for my work in the fine arts field; but, I am aware and experienced in th hnique challenges associated with transferring knowledge and wisdom to my students. My business stands out because of my passion for the subject as well as my ability to create affective plans and tuturship that serves my students needs and results in substantive results.


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Fei L.

Very passionate and very talented, Jeff was a pleasure to work with and helped me to improve my drawing each time he gave a lesson! Thank you
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June 11, 2018

Frequently asked questions

In a typical one on one setting, I have so much freedom to develop my lesson and strategy for that individual. What I do is try and understand my student as best I can. I will provide several small pre-assessments to establish a baseline of fore knowledge..but also focus on how they learn and what sparks their interest. Whether its a certain tyoe of artwork, a certain subject matter or an artist they mention..Art is designed to be enjoyable, so I want to first recognize what will make this a positive experience. 

14 credits - Maryland Institute College of Art

Bachelors Fine Arts - Oil Painting - Savannah College of Art & Design 2001

Bachelors Fine Arts - Art History - Savannah College of Art & Design 2001

PBCSE - 2006 - University of Hawaii - Art Education

Because I do customize my lessons to address the needs of my students, I don’t have a flat rate. Generally it will be between 65-100 but that also depends on travel time and expense. 

I became certified by an accredited university. Uh- Manoa on Oahu in Hawaii

I have worked with over 1000 students so I have had all types, all shapes, ages and skill level. Using differentiation I can track the rigor and apply the proper amount of difficulty for that individuals benefit. 

I recently did a sidewalk wet paint sale- where a  group gets together to paint cityscapes in Fed Hill, The Crystal Moll Gallery I enjoyed it and the weather was soectacular! 

If its around here, I’d say hire me! But also make sure they are flexible, people have different skillsets and some are kind of one trick ponies or stick to a rigid script. In art, technique is important but equally important is creativity. If a person does not provide versatility or flexible mindedness in their own field than they probably just aren’t that creative. 

As teachers we are always more goal oriented, So what is your end-game? What would constitute success in this pursuit? Do you want to be a famous artist who paints epic old masters style paintings or do you want to get a basic understanding of sketching so you can immortalize a trip to Europe. 

As artists were always concerned with process, so consider what subject, style or activity will help keep you engaged in the process. I like to build my lessons around what I know is interesting to my students. 

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