Moments By Donna

Moments By Donna



I've been a photographer for almost 40 years. I was an early adopter of digital when the transition from film came around, and I know and use Photoshop and Lightroom daily.

I am also an ex-teacher, having studied teaching in college. I taught 8th grade math for one year, and learned how to create lesson plans that work. As a volunteer I created a 6th grade math enrichment program for my children's school that was taught by me and several other mom-volunteers for years. The kids did well on the math SATs!


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Find out where they ARE and then customize the lesson for them.  

I've been a professional photographer for almost 40 years, and I was an early adopter of digital.  I use Photoshop and Lightroom daily.  They are wonderful tools.  

In college I took teaching classes, and know how to create a lesson plan.  I taught eighth grade math one year and have created other classes and workshops during my career.


In preparation for a workshop to a group of women, I created a two page sheet of information that explained camera basics.  In all the photo books I read, etc., I think they make the technical side of photography harder than it needs to be.  Why is knowing what an f-stop is important?  It's very simple when explained well.  Same with the other camera controls.  Point and shoot cameras that DO everything for you have their place, but when you know the controls you may want to take it off auto and create the image you SEE in your mind's eye.

All ages.

Make sure the teacher you choose knows how to teach.  I've taken a gazillion workshops through the years, and even if a photographer knows his stuff, he may not know how to TEACH so that you understand. 

1.  You are "here".  Describe what you know now.

2.  Your Goals.  Where do you want to go?  What kinds of photos do you want to take?  What are you going to DO with them?

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