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Offers online services
Offers online services


My service stands out by having 10+ years of being a working musician and also a teacher. Not only do I teach the instrument and the theory behind it, but I am very diverse in my musical knowledge of different genres. With this knowledge, I can teach my students how to apply their interest of music and genre into their playing.

I enjoy the fact that every individual has a certain interest and persective of music and comprehends the music uniquely in their own ways. As much as I teach my students how to become better players and listeners, I truly enjoy learning from my students by them expressing their interests in genres, musicians, styles of playing etc. I mostly enjoy seeing the progression of my students as they become better students in gaining musical knowledge and how they become musicians at the same time.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

My typical process starts with recognizing the student's current skills, how they want to progress over time, and what influences they want to incorporate into their lessons. The process will start with lessons on how to apply their musical interests into their playing and start to create a lesson plan that will be guaged over a certain time or duration. We set goals and create tasks to be completed or understood in order to progress and evolve.

When I was in middle school in New Jersey, I attended the School of Rock based out of Hackensack, NJ. While attending as a student for many years, I gained a lot of experience and took classes under directors and instructors that taught me how to learn about all aspects of playing guitar and bass. I have also taught at Pre-school music programs with certain curriculum and lesson plans. I am also a full-time producer and musician with experience in recording studios and experience with live bands. I am a working musician all in all.

My standard prices are very standard. I charge from 40-60$ an hour and 30$ for a half an hour. The pricing depends on how far the student lives and if I have to travel to their home or not. 

I started teaching by giving a few friends some tips and pointers on how to become a better player. Recognizing that I was good at teaching by seeing the individuals grasp my teachings accordingly, I decided to start teaching professionally.

I have worked with students from the age of 5 all the way up to 60+. I have taught beginners to experienced professional musicians. I can teach in any playing level whether it is beginners, intermediates, or experts.

A recent event that I am fond of is when I was given the opportunity to give some tips and pointers to a semi-famous metal guitarist that is widely respected in the music scene. He heard me play on stage and asked me to show him some of my tips and tricks.

The advice i would give to a student that is looking to hire a teach would be to always know that learning music is a never ending process and by understanding that being a good player comes with determination and with a lot of responsibility. The student must to do their part. They must understand that understanding and evolving in their craft takes tons of dedication and patience. Learning music theory and becoming a musician that can craft ideas is not as strong as learning how to become a good student. Learning to be a good student is what makes the strongest and most knowledgeable players.

How can you apply your lessons to my musical interests?

What would be the course of action to help me understand musical theory and then apply it to the music that I want to play?

How do I know if my time practicing is being used to my fullest capability and to my benefit?

What are some general lessons that I would constantly need to improve on in order to understand if my playing is getting better or not?

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