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    Gloria B.

    I went to 1 training with my son to see if this would be a good fit for him. I decided to move forward and I paid for a month worth of training for twice a week. After I made my payment I haven’t heard from him. I texted him and asked for a refund he did reply and say we could book another training I told him I wanted a refund then after that I never heard from him. It’s been about 3 weeks and nothing yet. I will be putting a claim in as fraud.
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    December 11, 2022
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    Ryan F.

    Coach is highly knowledgeable in the the game of football, as well as strength and agility training and other sports. Maybe more importantly, he has a great, fun personality to work with young ones. My 6 year old made incredible progress with Coach K and hopefully will continue to do so. I couldnt be more pleased with Coach. He is easy to work with, demands effort, has excellent technical expertise, and is a high character guy who you can feel good about coaching your kid. Dont think twice about giving him a try.
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    October 30, 2020
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    Ed S.

    Coach K was exactly what we were looking for!!
    ...small group of 5-6 kids in the 7-9 year old range for weekly clinics.
    Coach K brings energy, discipline, fundamentals and thats before we started playing Basketball :) Ive coached these boys the last two years and he took their training to a whole new level within the first 2 weeks, we are on week number 6 and have locked him up for as long as the weather will hold. Huge find for us!! Kids have a ton of fun and improving week to week!!
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    October 08, 2020
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    Dale B.

    PREP U 365 Training is the absolute best program for all ages. I have twin 7 year old boys that having been playing football since they were 4. He is not only a patient trainer but motivates my boys in ways I couldn’t imagine. The most impressive aspect is that he understands where they excel and their weakness. He has dramatic improved their weakness and enhanced their strengths. The training not only seems fun but I can totally see their growth. I can’t wait to see them put their new skills in action and dominate. If you pass up on this trainer and program you are definitely missing out.
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    May 30, 2020
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    Luis R.

    Good trainer. My son came a long way since working with him and I would work with him again.
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    September 27, 2019
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    John K.

    Works great with my son. Even though my son is wore out after he always looks forward to going.
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    September 02, 2018
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    Frequently asked questions

    All sessions are approximately 1 hr   1st session is usually a assessment workout to see strengths and weaknesses and to talk about what the goals are of the individual. I truly believe that you can't train everyone the same.NOTE SESSION REFUNDS ARE ONLY GRANTED FOR INJURY AFTER 1ST SESSION IS COMPLETED ALL CLIENTS MUST COMPLETE ALL SESSION IN 30 DAYS. 

    EDUCATION Degree in  HEALTH and EXERCISE  SCIENCE (EXERCISE  PHYSIOLOGY) .   I'm also  certified in speed and agility training. I presently coach both  football​ HS FOOTBALL & I OFFER SKILL SET TRAINING for both FOOTBALL & BASKETBALL .  I've have played basketball at the Division 1 level so I understand the level of competition and the commitment it takes. SO IF YOU JUST WANT TO GET IN SHAPE OR IF YOU HAVE GOALS OF REACHING  A DIVISION  1 ,2 or 3 level  PREP U 365 TRAINING  WILL GET YOU THERE. #LETSWORK  

    Sessions rates are $40.00 per session/ 40 per hr all session rates for 8 weeks to 12 weeks of continuous training will be discounted. session CONFIRMATION WILL BE confirmed via the PREP U 365 TRAINING CASH APP, email & text. ALL sessions must be paid for in advance and completed within 30 days after payment or 1st workout .Any cancelled sessions must be no later than 1 hr before a scheduled session is to begin. I truly vaule each and every one of my clients time. 

    After playing basketball at the Division 1 level I just always wanted to give back. Coaching Football  & basketball  are my 1st & 2nd  loves . Coaching and Training was the  perfect way to give back plus it just seemed like a perfect fit for me because I truly love it. #passion 

    I've trained students as young as 5 years of age . I presently work with middle & high school  student Athletes and a  few college Athletes at all levels in mutiple sports. IMPROVING   Strength and conditioning is the goal . I specialize  in core training & speed and agility. Slow feet don't  eat! 

    Seeing the mental and physical growth of my  9 &10 year old football and basketball players gives​ me the greatest since of pride.

    Getting better happens in the off-season when nobody is watching.  

    Have goals set write them out and have a blueprint .

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