Jorge Solodkin Baseball/Softball Lessons

Jorge Solodkin Baseball/Softball Lessons

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I recently completed my 4 year career at William Paterson University. I have been running clinics with children of all ages (4 - 18 years old) since high school, and have been working out of a baseball/softball facility in Fairfield, NJ for over 4 years running clinics and giving private/group lessons for all ages. I have also been coaching for a travel baseball organization for almost 4 years, having experience with players at the 11u-18u levels. I not only enjoyed playing the game at a high level and finding success, but love nothing more than spreading all of the knowledge I have been fortunate enough to obtain all my years around the game. I work with children outside of baseball as well, as I am working towards becoming a teacher after college, and I know my knowledge of baseball and experience working with children/young adults (on and off the field) will be beneficial.

I enjoy being able to share all of the knowledge I have obtained while being around baseball/softball and seeing my players succeed on the field. I enjoy creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment for students/players so that they not only learn effectively and retain the information, but also have fun doing it. I enjoy nothing more than seeing the improvement my players make and the reports I get from parents, coaches, and players about everything they are doing.


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Scott S.

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June 14, 2018


Stephen Z.

Jorge is a very knowledgeable individual with a lot of great tips to help athletes become the best player they can be. His positive attitude and determination is like no other and gives the athlete all the tools they need to compete at a higher level. From personal experience I have all the trust in Jorge to make me a better ball player on and off the field.
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January 24, 2018


Jeff J.

What Ive noticed in working with Jorge is that he genuinely cares about each individual that he works with in terms of their baseball/softball success as well as their lives off the field. Overall he is very knowledgeable with a noticeablely sufficient baseball IQ.
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January 17, 2018


Rachel v.

He is amazing. He has helped me with my hitting and catching. I haven’t hit as well as I did in the past before using Jorge.
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January 17, 2018


Albert J.

Very knowledgeable and knows how to teach the game well. He really breaks down each element of the game and helps you understand it better.
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January 17, 2018


Seth W.

Jorge is an incredibly gifted athlete. He is kind, funny, and a very patient teacher. I highly recommend him for anybody in need of lessons.
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January 10, 2018

Frequently asked questions

First, I take the time to find out at what skill level the student stands depending on his or her age. Once I have an idea on where the student stands, I start with just watching them take a couple swings, throw a couple of times, and so forth, just to see what their mechanics look like and how I can go from there. I usually start with very basic drills related to the skill to work their hand eye coordination, isolate both halves of the body to find the source of the problem, and then move to drills to start incorporating the whole body. Finally I like to finish with them doing the actual skill to apply what they have learned. I am very big on the concept of progression, as I always refer to what I did with the student the lesson before to make sure he or she remembers it, and also begin to apply new concepts and ideas.

I completed my collegiate career last May and was fortunate enough to play for some successful programs through little league, middle school, and high school. I have been working clinics for my town's little league since high school and have been working at a baseball/softball facility in Fairfield, NJ for over 4 years running clinics and giving private/group lessons for baseball and softball players of all ages. I also coach for a travel organization and have been coaching for almost 4 years. I recently completed my BS in Health and Physical Education where I have found new learning techniques and strategies to teaching that I apply in my coaching. Being around students of all ages every single day has helped me take my coaching to the next level.

My pricing system is $40 for a half hour and $70 for a full hour. This includes the cage or turf rental if we use the facility I work at in Fairfield, NJ, meaning no extra charge to rent space along with paying me. If we use a different facility (of the client's choice) it may vary as rental at other facilities is more expensive for the half hour or full hour.

I started teaching when I started working clinics during high school. I always knew I wanted to coach, and I began going back to my local little league to help coach and run clinics. From there, people began asking me to give catching lessons (as I play catcher) along with any lessons baseball-related (hitting, fielding, throwing, pitching, specific position, etc.). I then began working at a baseball/softball facility my freshman year of college and gained more exposure to working with students of all ages and began getting more lessons. Finally I got into coaching baseball and softball on occasion, and I was able to start putting coaching teams, giving private/group lessons, and running clinics.

I have worked with all types of students of all ages (4-18 years old), with both a beginner skill level through a more proficent initial skill level. I also have experience with students who may have disabilities, including certain physical, learning, or mental disabilities, and know how to put together a plan to accomodate the student as no student is the same.

I have had some great coaching experiences, having coached the 12u, 14u, and now 15u teams for the travel program I coach for. Watching my players grow and progress from season to season is by far the most rewarding, and the best part has been preparing them for high school baseball as they are getting ready to tryout for very competitive and prestigious high school programs.

The advice I would give to a student looking to hire a teacher in my area of expertise is to make sure that it is manageable in regards to location (and travel) and expenses. I will never turn someone down if they cannot afford it as it is negotiable. Also, I would advice a potential student to make sure that he or she wants to commit to putting in the time and effort to improve, as I do not like to just take people's money, but make sure they get their moneysworth. I do not care if a student has never played baseball or softball before or may not be the most skilled, but the most coachable players are those eager to learn and aspire to improve with me and on their own time.

They should always look to ask questions regarding what I am teaching them. I do not want robots who listen and do what they are asked of without knowing why they are doing it. Certain questions could include "What does this drill, skill, etc. do?", "How does this skill, drill, etc. help me?", "How can I apply this skill, drill, etc. to the game?" and so forth. I will never prevent a student from asking questions as it is the most beneficial way to have player-coach communication. This will help me know what the student is thinking and how I can enhance thier learning.

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