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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have been working as a Paraprofessional for the Department of Education of New York for 2+ years. I have experience working with both general education and special education students, grades k-12.

Fun Educational Facts About Me:

-As a high school student I attended SEO College Scholars

-I travelled to Botswana for 5 weeks where I completed community service, took language and ecology classes, and did a 3 week cultural emersion homestay.

-I am fluent in both English and Spanish

There is nothing more satisfying that watching a child grow academically. Whether its reading their sentence, or counting to 100 for the first time, nothing beats the enjoy that you see in a child when they accomplish something they've been working towards for a while.


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Offers online services


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Ordalina P.

Ace tutor’s my 9th grader. She struggled when she changed middle schools in 7th grade and has been working Ace since. She helps her with homework, and now that we’re working from home school work as well. She even created a schedule for her when we had to switch to homeschooling! Best investment I’ve made in my child’s education. She is a sweet heart and genuinely cares about my daughter’s academic growth
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May 18, 2020

Frequently asked questions

I like to first gage where the child is academically, and see how much growth needs to be done to either get them on/above grade level, along with finding the child's strengths. Then I like to see how the child learns best, whether they are visual learners, if they need regular brain breaks to sustain material, and how enthusiastic they are about the material. From here I create lesson plans unique to each child, so that they are recieving the most efficiant and productive tutoring lessons for them. 

I have worked as a Paraprofessional for special needs students in NYC public schools for 2+ years. I have my teaching assisstant certification.

Yes, here is my pricing breakdown:

Virtual Tutoring Lesson Price (by grade):

- K,1,2: $10/hr

- 3,4,5: $13/hr

- 6,7,8: $15/hr

- highschool: $20/hr

Because I spend so much time currating and unique lessons for each child's needs I also charge $5 per hour that I spend planning lessons. I usually spend about 1-2 hours planning for each virtual session 


With Covid-19 causing schools to close, I provide parents that are struggling with keeping their kids on scheudle, with a detailed customized schedule for their child at an extra cost. It takes some weight off of parent's shoulder's and makes it so that their child is more independent with this new remote learning requirment. Lesson plan pricing changes according to detail. Ex provided upon request. 

I have worked with general education and special education students of all ages. I have spent the last year and a half working as a one to one to an autistic child in an ICT (mixed gen ed and spec ed) classroom. 

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