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Offers online services
Offers online services


I can help students of all kinds explore photography and get more comfortable behind the camera, so they feel confident in using this tool to capture images they see. I especially love working with beginners, but can work with all levels! I can help you learn how to use your intiution to "find" the photographs you want to take, and create the composition that speaks to you.

I also co-lead a life coaching and photography workshop called Through Your Own Lens (R) that helps people use photography as a way of getting unstuck. So if you are more interested in photography as a way to express yourself and less about the technical elements of taking a photo, I can help with that too.



I started taking photographs when I was five years old and won my first photography contest in the 1st grade - photography is a part of who I am! I love teaching people to be more comfortable behind the camera and helping them use it as a way to capture moments that speak to who they are, and give them a record of that moment thay can look back on with joy, pride, and peace.


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Offers online services

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She is incredibly kind, patient and inspiring. I learned so much!
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July 25, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I start by getting to know what a student wants to accomplish and why - it is important for me to know the student as a person. From there we identify what steps we need toa ccomplish to meet your goals and move from there, in a direction we both feel good about. 

I have a BA from Boston College in Studio Arts with a concentration in photography. 

I charge $100 an hour as a base price.

I have been teaching, in various ways, all my life. Teaching is something I love, becuase I love to help make lives better. That drives me everyday. 

All kinds!

What do I want to learn? Whay do I want to learn it? How do I learn best? For example, do I need to talk things out to understand them, take detailed notes, draw things out, or just try them out? Do I want to understand something first and then try it or learn by throwing myself into something? Etc. 

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