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My name is Lanard Mattocks. I am an advid basketball fan and student of the game. I have played basketball on all levels, ranging from high school to professional (overseas). I have a strong desire to teach kids the fundamenals needed to become better players. Both male and female. I look forward to working with all who are determined to be better on and off the court. Thank you all in advance

As a coach/trainer I truly enjoy when I see a player feel good about their growth. It's a joy to see someone appreciate where they are compared to where they were in the beginning of a process. I believe that a person should always be better when they leave training than when they came to training.


14 years in business
Serves Brooklyn , NY


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Syeed A.

We couldnt afford to pay him and he wasnt asking for money he just wanted to help kids with potential be the best they can be. Hes a real good person who loves the game and kids. So hes a perfect match for anyone looking to train. He had my grandson jump shot on point. Whatever you need to work on he can help you accomplish it.
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May 30, 2017


Mohammad P.

The training he gave my son was second to none I would recommend him to the world. Beautiful attitude and energy he loves working with motivated kids. Hes a great trainer💯💪🏾👍🏽
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May 30, 2017

Frequently asked questions

I like to get to know the person I'm training.  I like for the individual to have an understanding of where they are in reference to athleticism. In addition I like for the person to be willing to grow. There are 2 very strong things i live by, one being "IF a person can listen a person can learn." And the other being. "It is important to know who you are, yet it is more important to know who you are not."  Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.

I have played the game of basketball since the age of 9. I have played on the high school level the collegiate level and the professional level (overseas). I have played in numerous summer leagues throughout the United states primarily in NYC, one of the toughest places to play in the world. I have worked with various trainers throughout my life and have trained other people as well. Basketball and fitness wise I believe I'm as qualified as anyone due to the many hours I have put in the gym throughout my life

Ages 8 - 12  $25 per hour ($40) if a client books 2 hour training, when traveling to me.  I will take $5 off the  price if you travel to me.

Ages 13-17  $35 per hour ($60) if a client books 2 hour training. If I travel to you. $5 off each price if you travel to me.

I recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per week.  However that will strictly be up to the client 

I started training children of all ages more or less. Because people would always see me working out or training my family members. They would then ask me to work with their children in addition to coaching I would train their  kids. And so the opportunity to train people on a regular basis came about.

I have worked with children ranging in ages from elementary school to college. 

All perspective clients should have a list of questions concerning the type of assistance they are seeking. 

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