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Round Ball Studies

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My name is David Burrell and I'm a basketball skills and player development coach. I also develop basketball teams and Coaches. 6'5" played some college at Bronx Community College for two years. I also played in the Brooklyn Tabernacle basketball Summer tournament for two Summers, as well as a few others.

I'm AAU card holder, and have been involved in teaching various students the game as well as semi-pros. I have literally played all five positions and learned a lot as a player to the point where I developed a great understanding of the game. I have grown to love basketball to a point where I enjoy teaching it and aspects of it to whomever is interested and willing to learn and improve, whether they are athletes or recreational players, the only thing that matters is that they are willing to learn and keep learning. I am here to help students of all age groups learn, relearn and improve their basketball skills.

As a development coach, I enjoy when students that wanted to learn basketball actually learn and implement what they've learned to their game by properly using what they've learned in games. It is good to see the progression, also the fact that I was able to help somebody learn something that they wanted to learn is a joy.


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    Noel C.

    Great coach. Personalized coaching. Saw improvement with my son over time.
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    December 16, 2019

    Christopher G.

    I liked the fact that I could work through my mental and physical problems thoroughly
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    December 15, 2019

    Isaac s.

    Great workout,Makes weaknesses into strengths. At a good price can’t wait to get more Sessions
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    December 15, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    My process for working with new students is getting informed by them their strengths and weakness and then have them display a little bit of their talents so I can make a proper assessment.

    I've played colliegate basketball, taught basketball with a few programs in the New York City area, semi pros included.

    My pricing is usually $50 per 1 session. However I'm willing to negotiate knowing that everybody won't be able to afford that cost. It is now set to $30 per 1 lesson session, and a discounted rate of $40 for 2 seesions, back to back. Inquiry can be made otherwise for further clarity.

    I started when I was playing recreation basketball, at the park or/and gym when I got a little bit older in my teens and it developed from there.

    I've worked with students of all ages, from toddlers to adults. Competing or recreational.

    I enjoy mostly all events pertaining to the sport of basketball. From the Professionals, College, High School or amateurs.

    . Be willing to learn and be taught.

    . Then be prepared to implement your skill set as well as display talent. 

    . Be willing to take respectful, constructive critique.

    . Make certain that you really have a desire to improve.

    . Be willing to work hard to reach your goal.

    . What areas could a coach help in, be it the ability to read, as well as assess what's taking place on the court, during a game.. 

    . What are you hoping to attain..

    . Do you feel or believe that, the Coach could help you to learn and understand basketball to a certain standard...

    . Are you willing to work hard, to attain your maximum potential..

    . Are you willing to learn and trust that the Coach wants what's best for you....

    . Do you have the time to properly dedicate towards your progression.. 

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