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Hi, my name is Coach Jason McDermott and I am the founder of Heavy Hitters High Level Swing Instruction. I am an Epstein Hitting Certified Instructor, trained by Jake (MLB Hitting Consultant to Giants, Rockies, and Dodgers, and many MLB players) and Mike (founder of Epstein Hitting, 10 year MLB Veteran, All Star, World Series Champion, father of Rotational Hitting, and Ted Williams pupil) Epstein. I have been lucky enough to be mentored by Epstein Master Instructor Anthony Brites, who inspired me to become a hitting coach. This past year I have been fortunate to work with and study the teachings of Coach Richard Schenck aka Teacherman (Aaron Judge's private hitting coach and the leader in the High Level Swing Pattern).


do not have a professional baseball resume, and I actually never played past High School. Most of the information shared with me was completely foreign to me till about 6 years ago. I was in search of how great hitters were able to separate themselves from other players so I could help my own swing. I wanted to be able to understand how to use my whole body properly in my swing. Once I got an inside view of what was really happening in the swing, I wanted to share that information with hitters to help them reach their full potential.


One of the toughest parts of training young players is getting them to understand the hard work and dedication necessary to create the high level swing pattern. If we are going to change the way we swing we need to change the way we move. I say all the time that taking 200 mindless swings off of a tee a day is a total waste of time. In order to reach our full potential we need deliberate practice. The problem is most hitters simply do not know what they should be working on to improve or how to do it. At Heavy Hitters that is never an issue. We use Video Analysis, Custom Hitting Programs, Advanced Movement and Constraint Drills, Vision Training, and Mental Conditioning as well as the best tools avail to train our hitters. We educate our hitters on #WHY? they are doing something. We encourage our hitters to question everything, learn something new everyday, be willing to fail, and to figure it out.


We lose some many kids to other sports by the age of 12-13 years old because they become frustrated with baseball. Its the biggest self esteem killing sport out there. In order to keep kids in the game we need to provide them with the proper information and training so they can survive each level they desire to play. We are different from most hitting instructors because we give drills to do at home in between lessons to reinforce specific movement patterns used in the swing. We provide video of each drill as a reference to guide our students through the process at home. Our main focus is the long term development of each any every hitter we have the pleasure of working with. The ultimate goal is to building confidence in our kids that will bleed into other areas of their life, give them the opportunity to play this game as long as they want, and hope that one day they look back at their time on the field with great joy in their heart.

Lastly, I would like to thank those who have been a positive influence in my journey as a hitting coach. People like I mentioned earlier like Jake and Mike Epstein, Master Instructor Anthony Brites, Richard Schenck, as well as Coach Matt Lisle, Coach Juan Soriano, Baseball PDS, Will Lucas, Marco Medina, and Coach Rob Benjamin, plus so many more, all opened my mind to different things within the swing. All of these men have played a huge role in making me the coach I am today. These men work with hundreds of MLB and MiLB hitters as well as thousands of youth, high school and college hitters. Thank you to all those people out there that have shared their love of teaching the game with me. I, in turn look forward to sharing my love of teaching the game with you.

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