Broadway Performer/ Dancer,  Movement Coach, Choreographer, Fitness, Tumbling Coach

Broadway Performer/ Dancer, Movement Coach, Choreographer, Fitness, Tumbling Coach

Offers online services
Offers online services


Im a working professional with career that spans from television, film, Broadway and modeling. Well versed and experienced in performing, fitness, Dancing, and gymnastics. Iv worked all over the Globe, wirh a handful of credits that include SNL, Lip-synch battle, the Jimmy Fallon show, Flight of the Conchords, Wicked the musical, and Miss Saigon on Broadway. Iv dance doubled for Mark Wahlberg, Brad Pitt Josh Groban and Bill Gates. I’m very versatile in with what I can teach and I’m a master with demonstrating. Everyone learns differently, and it’s important to understand how someone learns first and foremost. My fortes include strength training, stretching and increasing flexibility, tumbling/ acrobatic tricks, by fusing the fundamentals of body building, gymnastics and ballet. My method is based on anatomy, and can be benefitial towards any form of athletics and movement.

The giving back. I love how the arts and athletics can bring people together. I also love how it brings different people with different backgrounds together. Whether it’s teams, casts, or audiences, it’s the coming together to learn share and grow that I find most gratifying. Sharing what’s been taught is thr unltimatd gift. It’s also a professionals obligation to pass whats been passed down. So, to help someone reach their goals, thats the ultimate fulfillment And what I enjoy the most.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

Understanding first what my clients goals are. Secondly, understanding how each student learns and processes information. Understanding a students limits, abilities, and attitude, is also key. Once I inunderstand all the above, I can then customizing the best way to teach, motivate, and inspire anyone to achieve their goals. I also focus on the importance of discipline, and sacrifice. Keeping a client motivated, in combination with my experience, training, and knowledge will ensure top results.  

I’ve been training since I was seven and working professionally since I was 12. My experience working on live television, and my experience working on Broadway with seasoned performers has taught me a lot.  My experience being in this field for about 15 years has also taught me the ropes. I know the audition process as well as the training process, whether it be in the studio, or rehearsals and I’ve worked with the best of the best. I know how to trim down, and I know how to gain mass. I’m also a master in flexibility training, technical dance, and acrobatics. 

It would depend on their goals, and how often we would meet. Is it consistent? Or do they want to learn only one gymnastics trick or one dance combination for example. I come from the world of competitive dance so I also understand what goes into creating a routine, cleaning the choreography,  and preparing anyone at any age for a live performance. I charge $150 per private lesson, but charge less per lesson the more you purchase.

After my debut on Broadway, I felt it was time to help others reach their goals. What once seemed impossible, soon became my reality and a dream come true. Art, knowledge, and any form of expertise means nothing unless it’s shared or passed down. It’s a full circle, when you assimilate and pass along, all that you’ve learned from those who helped you reach your goals. I want to experience the gratification in helping others reach their goals. That’s my next goal. 

The students I’ve worked with ranges from Beginners to professionals. Despite being relatively new to teaching, I have the knowledge, experience, and desire to help others reach their goals, given they want to learn what I know how to teach. 

My grandmother recently turned 90. At her birthday party, I realized I have my entire life ahead of me. I just turned 34 and like I said above, it’s time to help others reach their goals, as so many wonderful people in my life have helped me reach mine.

Like any relationship, find someone who brings out the best in you. Someone who inspires you and believes in you. A good teacher must motivate a student, while focusing on the importance of discipline and technique. Also find someone that you look forward to working with regularly, when you connect with the right teacher, “ magic” or results come much easier, rather than having to just deal with an expert that doesn’t really spark any sort of inspiration. If you don’t know what kind of teacher, or what kind of activity makes you happy, pursue new teachers and activities, until you find the right fit. Results, and joy are two good signs, that you’ve found the right activity, and more importantly the right coach.

I think they should just be honest with themselves. A good teacher should embrace and welcome all questions. So any question really. But I think the more basic the question, the more truth they’ll discover. These three questions are good-

What is it I REALLY want?

(What are my goals)

Why is it that I want this? 

(Why are these my goals) 

and lastly-

Who do I want this for? 

(Are these goals my own)

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