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I am up to date in all the new techniques and aspects in baseball. I have played every position in baseball.

I can teach all defensive individual positions.

I can teach all Hitting, Bunting, base running.

I specialize in catching.

I can teach pitching.

I can teach all the things no one notices between pitches.

I can teach different signs from different position players.

I can teach the philosophy of the game of baseball.

I can teach the different situations in baseball

I LOVE THE GAME OF BASEBALL! It is awesome to help a player achive the fundamentals of this great game. I love to watch a former player or student excel on the baseball field. The game also teaches the student how to become a better person and gives them the drive to be the best they can be in everything they do in life. Baseball teaches you to be a team player, but it also teaches you to achive individual goals.


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Ralph B.

Coach Mc Ardle has trained my sons for more than five years. He also coaches and trains athletes from ages 9 -18 at the AAU baseball program that my sons attend. He has coached these young men in national competitions and at a number of high level AAU baseball tournaments. He is knowledgeable about every position and is an outstanding teacher. He is attentive, and brilliant at collecting performance data that he uses to provide actionable feedback to his clients and players. Under his direction my sons have developed into a confident and productive offensive and defensive players.
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May 31, 2017


Sean K.

I was very lucky to able to learn from one of the best coaches I ever had at a young age. Ed McArdle taught me the ins and out of the game, as well as fine tuning my fundamentals. He is a very good teacher, knowing when to push you and also have the patience to talk you through the little things. He has the knowledge to teach any aspect of the fielding, hitting, and pitching areas of the game as well as the mental part of any situation. He can break down aspects of the game for players looking to advance their game to the next level. But if you are just looking to learn the game, he has the skills to make things very simple and get you on the right path to success. I highly recommend Ed not only because of his teaching ability but because he loves baseball and loves to teach baseball to anyone who is willing to listen.
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May 25, 2017


Anthony C.

Great coach and pace. Lessons are a built on basics, drills, and overall enjoyment of the game. My game has greatly improved in my first two lessons... highly recommended.
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May 25, 2017
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Frequently asked questions

I would like to start with the basics and find out what and how much my new students have been taught. Then see the student in action and see what they do well and what we will need to improve on to get the student to the next level in his or her training. 

I have played Baseball for 20 years from Little League, thru High School and College and into Semi-Pro. I have coached adults, High School Players, American Legion, I have taken High School Players to the Pa. State Keystone Games and have helped with the Phillies RBI program. I have coached kids from 6 years and up. I have been to many baseball clinics and have particaptated in many. I have also conducted many Baseball clinics. I currently coach a team that plays in the TSE League and we play in Tournaments along the East coast. I am currently a instructor and coach at a well know Baseball Academy. 


I charge by the lession. I can do 30 minutes or 60 minutes.  Individule lessions are 35.00 for half hour and 60.00 per hour.

I do group rates (4 Players). 60.00 for half hour and 100.00 per hour.

Team Practices 150.00 for 90.00 Minutes.

Players Clinics 20.00 per Player (10 Players)- 15.00 per Player for 20 Players. (2 Hours)

I also do coaches clinics 20.00 per person for 10 coaches and 15.00 per person for 20 coaches. (2 Hours)

I loved playing the game, became a student of the game and then started coaching to stay in the game. I had parents ask me to work with their children and they started to offer me  money when I did the training. At first I did it for nothing and people said I should start charging. I then did many on my own and was offered a position at the academy.

I have worked with some college players, many High School Players and children from six years old and up.

Right now I coach a team and we travel to New York, Pa, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Chapionship Games are played in Georgia and Florida. We also have a second team and we just started to practice together. The second team hadn't won a game until they started practicing with my team. It was great when they came to practice saying they put alot of what they learned into their game and they won three games and lost in the championship game of the tournament that they were in.

Relax, keep an open mind, listen, and do the best they can.  It is hard to make changes and sometimes it feels weird. They will see inprovement if they work and have fun.

Questions the student ask will give me information on what they are thinking, and what they know and where we can start to make them better at the task we are to accomplish. 

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