Stefanie Lieberman Fine Art

Stefanie Lieberman Fine Art

Stefanie Lieberman

Philadelphia, PA


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Hello, I'm Stefanie, I am a professional artist and painting instructor at the Woodmere Art Museum as well as having taught regular classes and workshops at the Wayne Art Center, the Main Line Art Center, the Whitemarsh Art Center and the Art School at Sandysprings in Atlanta, GA. You can view my resume and portfolio by visiting my website at:

I enjoy teaching painting and drawing almost as much as I enjoy doing it myself! I love sharing methods and techniques that guide students through the creative process in a relaxed and fun environment. I believe in learning through doing; you make mistakes, you fix them and move on... This happens to artists at the highest level of the profession.

I look forward to helping you become more confident and skilled in your artistic exploration!


Drawing, Oil Painting, Painting


Philadelphia, PA 19128

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