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Richard Kelly Experience

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As a teacher, I love seeing students tackle creative problems to their satisfaction. I have patience and a willingness to inspire.

Learning is fun.


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Mike C.

Besides Richards great technical and artistic insight into digital photography, hes an all-around great guy! You wont be disappointed!
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August 03, 2021
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Frequently asked questions

When working with new students I like to learn who they are, where they are, and where they want to go. This can be about photography but often more interesting to know the student's interests so that we can build personal focus and learning experiences. I also like to see some pictures that they like and maybe a few that they do not like. We can then identify the skills that they want to focus on improving. Together we build out a plan and calendar.

I started taking pictures when I was between 10-12 and very quickly amped that up. I was fortunate to have middle and high school teachers who were excellent teachers and mentors. I later studied photography at the Pennsylvania Governors School for the Arts and a brief time at RIT. I assisted several professional photographers, primarily in Fashion and Portraiture, and traveled the world. In the late 1980's I launched my photo practice in NYC, working with magazines and musical artists. Eventually landing back in Pittsburgh, where I continue to make pictures commercially and personally. I have work in several public and private collections. I have been teaching Photography since 2004, first at Pittsburgh Filmmakers and now at Point Park University as an adjunct. My specialties are Studio Lighting, Portraiture, B&W film photography, and Basic and Intermediate Digital Photography. I have done workshops. Teaching hot shoe flash, iPhone photography, and digital printing with online lab services.

Because I teach a variety of topics and levels of engagement, I have a variable rate. For beginners new to digital photography, I offer a multi-hour multi-meeting rate of $25 per hour with a two-hour minimum based on the time and interest.

For more Intermediate to advanced students, I offer $60 per hour sessions based on a consultation.

I also offer portfolio development for emerging and mid-career professional artists at $150per hour.

I can be flexible make an appointment to discuss options. I am also willing to create custom classes for two or more people. 

During Covid, we are doing a lot via ZOOM and some 1:1 meet-ups. I hope the summer of 2021 to start smaller group meetings

I have probably been teaching since I first started to learn about photography. One of the best ways to learn anything and understand a subject better is teaching that skill to someone else. All through high school and into my early days as an assistant photographer, I taught something to someone. Officially as a "paid teacher," I taught some early black and white classes (before digital cameras); this50 was the entry point for students. I taught both adults and teens. Later I was invited to speak to university and high school classes to talk about my work as an artist. One of those led to my first academic teaching assignment - Studio lighting - which I still love to teach. 

All types, all ages, every experience level first-timers to career veterans. 

Anytime I get to work with a student and I see them reach the point in their learning that they are able to achieve the results in the photograph that they imagine in their mind's eye. 

Be realistic of the time needed to practice outside of lessons.

This is a fun experience. Do not worry about perfection. Photography is about the experience.

What do you want to learn about photography? 

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