Meet new students and grow your business. helps you find new students for your business. Students submit detailed requests for lessons and we send them to you, for free. If you’re interested in working with that student, contact them directly to let them know.

How does it work?

We send you student requests

Students use to find the right teacher for lessons. They tell us detailed information about their needs and we share that with you via email and/or text.

step 1

You decide who to contact

Review the details of each request and decide if it's a good fit for you. If you're interested and available, you can contact the student with your quote.

step 2

Send your quote

Your quote is a personalize message to the student that includes your rate and contact information. Along with your quote we send your profile and reviews.

You pay with credits only when you send a quote.

step 3

Get hired and keep what you earn

Usually a student will get quotes from 1 – 2 other professionals. Students will review the quotes and contact who they want to work with. Students can contact you through or using the contact information you provide.

When you get hired, students pay you directly and you keep 100% of what you earn.

step 4

How do I get hired?

Write a great quote

Your quote is your first impression to a potential student. Be professional, clear, and personalize your message to meet the student’s needs.

Explain your rates

Tell the student your rate and what they can expect for that price. Students are more likely to hire when they know the price and are aware of what they're paying for. Explain why you charge that amount and why your rate is a great price to pay for your lessons.

Create a professional profile.

We send your profile with your quote so the student has more information about your services. Make sure your profile is a great advertisement for you. Your profile image should be inviting; a company logo or picture of you is best.

Get Reviews.

For nearly 9 in 10 students, a customer review is as important as a personal recommendation. On, professionals with reviews get hired 68% more than those with no reviews. Send your personal review link to your customers to get reviews for your profile, it is worth it.

Don’t quit. is a system that requires volume to work for you. You may not get the same hire rate you have with word of mouth referrals, but that is normal. Typically, it takes about 10 quotes to get your first hire. Many professionals have increased their business significantly by responding consistently to requests – you can too. Experiment with different messages, ignore requests that aren’t a good fit, and be persistent.