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       I work in all mediums including sculpture and have won awards in all of those categories. 

       That enables me to teach in whatever medium the student wants to try but we always begin with learning &/or enhancing DRAWING skills.  

     Tracers, light boxes or other such mechanical means of ‘assistance’  are not used by my students.  We believe in ‘Learn By Doing!’  You have a greater sense of accomplishment, freedom and the FUN of taking as little as a sketch book and pencil wherever you go. 

      Drawing is the backbone of every style and subject you will see in my 130  paintings in 5 major categories, presently on my website:


—PORTRAITS, Animals & Pets

—LANDSCAPES, Archtexture-Historic Buildings, homes, in pen & ink on canvas (unusual) 

—LANDSCAPES, Nature, sky, sea


Be sure to visit every section to see a wide range of styles, mediums & subjects.  Then you can tell me where you’d like to start! [email protected]

       Two new sections are in the planning stages for my STUDENTS' ART (past & present) and my SCULPTURES.  The present 5 sections and the 2 new sections ALL include show prize winners.   ——————————————————-


online or in-person as arranged.

1) private, (note: cost for this and any in-person class is determined by length of lesson plus travel time & gas.  Online saves me time & your money! )

2) semi-private 

3) small groups, up to 6 students

(These classes are regular weekly meetings planned by the month, can be accelerated to  2x weekly or to what suits your schedule and budget.  


*..prospective art groups or 

*..for charities & church fundraisers; 

*..”Relax & watch ME work!" A soothing, peaceful, often humorous, anti-stress DEMO evening for friends or staff in your home or office

5)..PAINTING PARTY IN YOUR HOME, (everything for art supplied-except munchies & wine/drinks) your home or at your club,  office, or church.  My innovative first in 1999 “CHRISTMAS GIFT PAINTING PARTY FOR ANITA'S FRIENDS WHO HAVE EVERYTHING!"(each friend's Christmas present from Anita was the painting each lady painted by herself ... they didnt think thy could do it but they were shocked and delighted with the results!; then SURPRISE BIRTHDAY painting party.....?ANNIVERSARY (or even try, ”BOOK CLUB celebrates 10 books”.

    You CAN think outside the ‘big box store’ for this gift that is something meaningful and memorable.

6)..DISCOVERY kids/teens/adults  … who think they have no talents? They’re just buried so deep we have to excavate! Find those grooves to encourage curiosity and motivation  …. Call me about various ways i custom design based on the needs of the student or group. 

7)..CASUAL DEMO VIDEOS, the first of which are ready for editing. 

       My group classes are kept very small,  the maximum is six. I want to have sufficient time to spend with each person. In groups,  works individually at their own pace,  in which ever medium subject and style that they choose.  The best thing for me is to be able to connect personally one on one with each student.  This is not possible in larger classes.  

I had used a craft store classroom teaching continuously, year round for 16 years. In March of 2020 the classroom was closed of course,so I continued private or semi private  online classes with those few who had no kids to homeschool. 

     In 2021 It was decided the store needed that classroom space for other purposes & closed it permanently. 

     NOW students want group classes again.  While I continue to search for a new classroom in a store, church or ? situation, I still do online classes but now ALSO travel to student's homes. 

     I was self taught starting at about age 40.  Out of my incurable curiosity I  tried all mediums including sculpture because no one told me I couldn't!    

    This is why I believe I am more able to bring out the student’s own style even if they don’t think they have one!

     Having this wide range of experience,  I can recognize what is lurking in that student.  I know it’s in there some where! 😂 They must be prepared to laugh and enjoy the experience. 

       My students always find that they look at things differently after starting classes with me.  The most usual is prompted by the color in trees.   

    Without fail, the beginners will soon say (in their own words)...  “Miss Suzy (or Suzanne), I always knew trees are green but I didn’t realize how many different shades of green and how the lights and shadows affect them. So now, when I look at a tree I see what  I never did before!”  

       My answer is always,  “That’s wonderful because YOUR JOB  as an artist is to show people what YOU see!”

     Much of what I do is to actually teach you how to REALLY see and feel what you may not have noticed before!

      Often beginners will look for something to draw they think is easy. 

When I suggest a tree they think that is way too hard!  (This conversation started with my very first student, Carrie and is repeated often). 

      They want things to look real!

So this is what I tell them truthfully, to give them confidence to try : “no matter what you do to that tree,  I guarantee that somewhere in the world there is a tree that looks like that!” 😂😂(Copyright SGWay '1999')

     Oh yes, I am always truthful and positive  and my penchant for humour puts students at ease.  It's way more fun for me too! 

     I took up art myself as a stress reliever and I can honestly say that 'arting' as I call it,  takes you to a different,  wonderful and very absorbing place.  Let me help you find it. 

I've been a life long reader, editor, writer (of stories, speeches,  poems, songs, plays, humour, and instructional and technical materials), communicator and volunteer, to name a few! 

In every career and job I've undertaken in my life, I ended up being the teacher of new staff.    I've always had patience,  an ability to communicate in a positive way and really enjoyed being able to help new people feel comfortable learning their duties.  My bosses were more than willing to let me take on the training. 

I had a dear wise friend, whose mother was from the Oklahoma, Osage tribe who reinforced my efforts in this regard.  

At 96 until she was 102 years old, this lady and I formed a very close unusual friendship.  I learned so much from our discussions.  She had lost her eyesight but her mind, memory and speech had only increased her ability to communicate and her sense of humour was definitely intact. 

I remembered everything she told me but one thing especially hit a chord within me. 

She explained the Native American belief  that the responsibility of the elders is to share their life's wisdom with the youth (whether they seemed to listen or not - there was that well-developed sense of humour I mentioned!).  

From her words, I began to think of my penchant for teaching more as SHARING.  Since then, I tell my students that I am their 'tour guide through the art world' just sharing what I have learned with them. The thought definitely makes one feel better about being an 'elder'! 😉

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  • Keith Durbin

    Suzanne is not only an artist, but a professional businesswoman who is happy to share her experience of her successes in the art world. She is calm and patient, and is happy to work in subject matter or media of my choice.

  • Shelley Leigh Newman Holmes

    Suzanne Way took me in, showed me how to grow as a Fine Artist. I never was a painter until she shared her skills and knowledge with me. She is caring from start to finish! Suzanne has the way to bring out the best In an artist and she has many avenues to help you Learn to show your art and do multiple things with your art beside just the original. Suzanne has changed my life and it was a blessing to me to have found her because she found the talent inside of me. Need I say anymore...I’m not the best student of hers but she gave me confidence to feel like I was. The Other students in class were an inspiration to see what they were painting. The sharing of ideas was always a joy! The friendships made are timeless and whenever you run into one of them, it feels like it was just yesterday. If you are looking for real art skills, then Suzanne is the one to teach you! She is the best teacher I have ever had!!!


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