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I attended art college in Nova Scotia and I learned on film which gives me a fundamental understanading of how light works and how it makes a image. This gives me an artistic approach and a fundametal knowledge of photography that will never be completely lost, even as technology advances. I have been shooting digital for over a decade, with another decade of film experience before that. It's fairly easy to find a formula that can work well for beautiful images, but there is always more to learn. My approach to photography is personal and not one dimensional.

I home school my 5 children and teach photography to high school age homeschoolers. When I teach I prefer to follow the student's lead so that I can accomodate their learning style and needs.

I love capturing moments. I love drawing an image with light the way I choose to see it. It will never look exactly as the moment itself, because it is stilled the way I choose to still it.


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    Lindsey A.

    Ms. Bethrose taught a photography class at my school and I absolutely loved the class and her! She is amazing at explaining things and wants to make sure you understand. She really focuses on each student and helps make sure everyone is on the same page and learning. Ms. Bethrose is not only a great teacher, but she is also such a fun person to be around! She makes everything 10x more fun and loves to laugh! Ms. Bethrose has taught me so much and is just amazing!
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    May 02, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    After assesing what someone already knows I like to find out more about their learning style.  Not eveyone learns the same way.  I work best visually, and find that's true for many photographers, but not always.

    I studied photography at the Nova scotia College of Art and Design.  I am a home school mom of 5 and teach high school age home school students through a tutorial school.  Because of these two things I have experience with several learning styles and speeds.

    With photography, I think it's important to find someone whose work is consistenly good, but also someone whose work doesn't look consistently the same.  Learning to shoot just one kind of image in one kind of light isn't good enough.

    As with anything, personality matters. It's always good to work with someone you get along with and enjoy the company of.

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