Baseball By Coach Red

Baseball By Coach Red

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“Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”Great words from a legend that will forever ring true from the humble little leaguer to the established pro. I am a non pro coach who loves what he does and would do it for free if not necessary. Been coaching 7 years, from ages 5-13 and single A to AAA select/ travel ball. Started out in California and am now here training my own family here in the great state of Texas.


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Luis C.

Coach Red lives , eats and breathes baseball. His passion for the sport motivates and encourages the youth he works with. I have taken my son to other coaches but he insists playing and learning with coach Red is better than other coaches.
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April 19, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I work with a player’s specific needs (hitting, throwing, fielding) and of course overall skills, including mental approach to the game as well. 

Been in baseball since the age of 4 and it’s been my life ever since. Never played pro level but have had over 10 years of adult league in California. Found I’m a better coach/trainer than I ever was as a player. It’s a passion for me to see results in these young stars. 

$30/1 hour session

$50/2 -1 hour sessions (1 week)

$150/7-1 hour sessions (1 month)

*hour sessions may vary according to child’s needs but NO further charges will apply. 

It all started when friends family kept asking for help with their kids and teams. Then they kept insisting that I should charge for my services since I’m providing the same training as these paid pro coaches/trainers. 

I have worked with kids from age 4 to age 13. From tee ball modified tee ball coach pitch to AAA select. 

I recently trained a 12 year old prodigy whom now has pitched 2 straight hitless games in 2 different Texas state championships. Not to mention a Tara Sawyer tournament outstanding performer medal. 

Make sure you find a trainer that focuses on your child’s needs and does not take the same approach teaching all his students for they are all not the same. Some absorb information differently and require more attention and  patience in certain areas. 

Which part of their game they need improving   How much time to spend on improving. What to do to improve. No question is a dumb question. As long as we stay on topic but no guarantees. Lol

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