Be Ready Get S.E.T.

Be Ready Get S.E.T.



Texas Certified LTC Instructor

Licensed Personal Protection Officer - Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau

Certified Church Security Specialist - National Organization for Church Security and Safety Management

Licensed Commissioned Security Officer - Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Securiy Bureau

NRA Instructor for:

Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun

Personal protection Inside and Outside the Home

Refuse to be a Victim and

Chief Range Safety Officer

Teaching people who may be scared or hesitant to own or shoot a firearm and build confidence in their own ability to shoot for fun or to protect themselves or their families both inside and outside their home.


1 employee
6 years in business
Serves Dallas , TX

Payment methods

Cash, Venmo


Student age(s)

Child (under 13), Teenager (13 - 18), Adult (over 18), Senior (over 55)

Number of students

One person, Two people, A group of 3 – 5 people

Any previous experience

Students with previous experience, Students without previous experience

Type of training

Concealed carry permit, Gun safety, Self-defense, Target practice, Hunting, Tactical training

Type of firearm

I can recommend a firearm, Handgun / pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

Reason for training

Training as a hobby or personal interest, Training to be educated and feel more comfortable around firearms, Training necessary for employment

Own a firearm

Student who own the firearm that he/she want to learn with, Students who own a firearm but wants to rent and learn with something different, Students who will rent a firearm

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    Frequently asked questions

    Frankly, most people are scared of guns.  Before entering the range we can do a 1 hour lesson on proper safety, picking up, loading, unloading, grip, sight alignment, site picture, proper stance and storage of firearms ALL before we actually shoot.  And we use MY guns and start out with a .22 pistol, then progress to a 380 and then a 9mm OR pistol of your choice at that time.  Learning to properly manage recoil in a progressive caliber fashion is critical to proper learning and decreasing that initial fear of shooting a gun.  
    My caliber progression training is extremely helpful for people who do not own a pistol, own a pistol but have never shot the pistol, may have only shot it once or twice in 10-20 years or more importantly, just want to build confidence and trust in their own ability to protect themselves and their family both inside and outside their homes.  
    Many people who take my LTC class, especially women, have NO intention of carrying a firearm when outside the house.  But they take the class anyway so that option is always there if needed when traveling or to learn proper storage/access of a pistol at home to keep it away from children and others, yet easily accessible to address a threat such as a home intruder.  

    I have over 500 hours of in-class and on the range firearms training for pistols, rifles and shotguns.  I am a certified NRA instructor in every discipline that is important in training you in every aspect of safely shooting a firearm for either fun or self-protection.  
    This past year I also completed the State of Texas 62-hour Personal Protection Officer Level 4 Security Program through the Christian Security Institute.  As an organization of Gatekeepers, we provide concealed carry security services for churches throughout the United States.  The team I am currently on serves at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas.  

    Basic firearms training - this 1.5 hour class includes how to safely pick a gun up, load/unload, proper holding, aiming, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control and firing accurately the firearm of your choice...$65

    LTC class...4-6 hour State of Texas classroom requirement training and on the range qualification to acquire your Concealed Handgun License...$55

    Both of the classes above combined...$100...this combination class is a cheaper option than taking the classes individually and is particularly beneficial for people who have never shot a firearm, or who have, but it was a LONG time ago or very infrequently and they just want to build confidence and trust in their own ability to manage a firearm to protect themselves and especially their families!  

    I got started in teaching Firearm Safety way back when my son starting shooting a .22 rifle as a Cub Scout with Troop 70.  I am now the Boy Scouts of America Shooting Sports Director for the West Park Region and the Shooting Sports Merit Badge Counselor for Troop 70.  

    Anyone interested in safely and accurately shooting a firearm for fun or personal protection.  

    I love teaching adults, but the work I am most proud of is all the safety training with Boy Scouts on the range with .22 rifles and seeing their confidence sore as they learn how to shoot that rifle accurately at targets down range.  

    It is not only your responsibility to learn how to shoot a firearm safely for fun or self-defense, but equally as important to be taught how to store that firearm where children, or anyone else for that matter, can in no way access that firearm except you if needed quickly for protection.  And that's the main question that is answered and taught...How do I safely store my firearm where no one else can access my firearm, yet I can access it in less than 5 seconds if needed?  

    Do you have "0" experience shooting a pistol or very limited safety/shooting training with ANY firearm period?!  Then you should really think through the benefits of my Caliber Progression Training.

    As I mentioned above, is this firearms instructor going to teach you through Caliber Progression on the range or is he/she just going to start your training with whatever pistol you brought?  

    Over the years of training, I have found the #1 factor that TOTALLY ruins the shooting experience for every single person is starting out shooting a caliber that is WAY too large for their current level of training.  

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