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I'm 28 years old and I can still perform at a very high level everything I teach. I'm very hands on. If you're a catcher I can pitch simulated innings with 5 different pitches I can rev up to 90 or dial down to 70 depending the players age and ability, or if you're a pitcher and you throw 98mph, I can catch your bullpens, same with batting practice. From setting it on a tee or soft toss to simulated at bats but my favorite clients are children 😁 From experience, as a young player who aspired to play under the big lights, it was much easier for me to listen to a coach or trainer that you can see with your eyes do what they're teaching. I remember the first coach that ever ran suicides with me after practice, and the respect that notion forced into me was something I'll never forget. So, if you want I'll run poles with you to get rid of some lactic acid.

I'm also a fishing guide. Primarily consider my self a bass fisherman at heart, but I have GPS pinned pvc fish houses dropped in 3 lakes to fill the freezer with crappie. My old man placed top 10 in the crappie masters classic twice. I guess some of that rubbed off on me . Don't tell my bass fishing tournament partners haha

First I just love competing. I love the bliss of seeing sweat and tears turn into achievements. Teaching is in a way it's own form of competition. I feel like my avgs numbers etc are what my players are. I'm also very honest. I was the kid who always hit third, played SS, pitched, played CF or caught. I was always told I'd play ball for a living one day and it got to my head. Back then, I didn't take care of my body enough, I didn't study hard enough (on the field or in the classroom). I thought my talent alone was all it took. Then I had surgery. Offers disappeared, scouts vanished. Eventually I woke up and realized in college EVERYONE has talent and that alone isn't enough. I worked my tail off to get back on a college field but the damage to my arm by then made it hard to get on top of any off speed pitches. To the point where I could not compete beyond college. Summing up, the most joy I get is making a positive impact in a kid or young mans life both on and off the field so whatever their dreams are they obtain them.

I just love to fish period. I love seeing a clients eyes light up the first time they've ever had a 6lb largemouth come flying through lilipads. Or the shock in their face trolling over a brush pile and four poles turn over simultaneously. Watching the sunrise driving off from the boat launch. The cleaning a limit of crappie while drinking a beer at the end of the day watching the sun go down.


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    Initially, I want to meet up and see where a players abilities are and put a real face to a name.Talk about goals and expectations. Play catch and chat, or have a little shoot around. It's important to know where you are if where you truly want to go is important. From there we can decide strengths and weaknesses in a students abilities and start working on a game plan to reach their goals.

    I have played basketball and baseball competitively from before I can remember through college. I was an assistant coach for a Methodist and JJ Watt sponsored under privileged youth baseball team. The kids on that team, the affect they had on me and I on them made me want to train full time.I have had elbow reconstruction surgery Tommy John surgery performed by Dr. Lintner, the Houston Astros Medical Director and former president of the MLB's Team Physician association. One might ask "how that's a qualification", the amount of knowledge I learned from that man about mechanics, how to properly generate torque and rotational power is something I will forever be grateful for.

    70$for a half hour 100$ for an hour, but I will always listen to ideas about more time, weekly agreements monthly agreements etc.

    The day I knew this is all I ever wanted to do, (besides fish ha I'm also a bass and crappie guide)I was asked to help coach an under privileged youth team and the third practice the teams best player who will eventually get drafted, I'd put the title to my boat on that bet, made a great diving play in practice during on field BP where I asked the fielders to play it like it was live. That day the short stop was missing, so I was playing short, he threw a great long hop throw to the first baseman and he didn't pick it. He threw his hands up in disgust and started mumbling and kicking dirt. So I stopped practice jog over to him with my glove covering my face. I told him "hey man I get it. It's frustrating sometimes to be the best player on a bad team. It's frustrating because you want to win right?" He responded "yes", so I told him "the best players always make their teammates better. This team will only go where you take them. And showing up your first baseman isn't gonna help him pick the next low throw you make. In order to be great at anything you have to be great at everything, and that means being a great teammate, a great student, a great friend, brush your teeth great man, or you'll eventually start accepting where you and your team is at, or they'll give up on you or you them" a few weeks later his dad called me and initially he was upset that I spoke to his son alone in front of everyone the father and I hadn't been more than a hand shake acquainted, he said he assumed I was chastising him. But "whatever you told him he hasn't been the same kid since. Thank you." The joy that phone call gave me, has had me chasing the feeling everyday. 

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