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Offers online services
Offers online services


People tend to say the level of comfort that I bring to them whole on the firing line. Shooting in general is an experience, factor in youre having to shoot in order to carry a gun. People tend to freeze up, I do my best to treat each person whether it's someone of 59 years experience or 3 hours, all deserve the same amount of attention and care as the next person.

Taking someone who has been anti-gun, scared, first time shooter etc. Introducing them slowly to any type firearm, talking about it, learning about its parts and functionalities and finally going to the range to shoot. The past that stands out is when you see them a year later and they themselves are becoming if not on the road to going to become Texas LTC Instructors.


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Offers online services

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    Initial process: 

    You call me about a service and I inform you of the min, cost, dates and all information pertaining to the process. Most instructors charge for additional time, I open myself up the week before each class regardless of course type to all students wanting to go shoot at the range. We can talk about guns and ammo or whatever, my whole thinking is we have to be able to trust each other around live firearms, no big deal to sacrifice a bit of my time to earn that trust.

    Texas LTC Instructor

    USCCA Training Counselor

    Home Defense

    Basic Pistol

    1 Man Room Clearing Firearms Maintenance

    School Teacher Program

    Range Safety Officer Program

    Texas Private Security Board

    Armed Guard Level 3/4

    Instructor Level 3 Classroom/Range

    Pricing has stayed the same , currently running special prizing for in house Live LTC only for $30 a person normally $50. Candidate needs to provide range fee, their own firearm, ears and eyes protection, 50 rounds of ammo. 

    It is not a beginners course or a course that will teach you how to shoot, I'd you needing a course like Basic Pistol please reach out to ume and let me know.

    Well it was a Warm winter's day as I was in California while in the Corps and I was new to the Marines. Long story short at the time my Sgt had me give a off the hip type of course meaning no materials no study just here's the subject and go. The purpose of himtt throwing into see if I sank or swam was because if youre going to do something in life, if you're going train others who put their lives in your hands then you have to be able to speak at random with confidence and know what exactly it is that your doing. Since I've started I've embraced teachering and I've come to find it very rewarding not rewarding enough for me to go be a 1st Teacher respect to any teachers reading this. Thats whole different typeof Instruction and dedication. Respect. Long story short it's help me become who I am today and it's help to work on other areas of my life that I normally don't use. 

    They range from new shooters to Federal Agent's all came with a willingness to learn and I can I come with a drive to see them succeed.

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