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The Art House School Of Fine Arts

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Alison A.

My 7 year old daughter and I have both taken classes at The Art House. The instruction is wonderful! My daughter thought it was the best art class she has ever taken (including Glassell). The charcoal drawings she brought home were incredible! Mrs. Delgado-Giambi is great with children, very patient and kind. I never had formal art training before starting a class and I was so impressed with what I was able to do with a little instruction. Viruchy Delgado-Giambi is amazing! I highly recommend classes at the Art House for adults and children.
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August 30, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Start from very simple steps. Advance at the students pace.  Provide true technical guidance from the start. 

An Associates degree in Art from Sacred Heart College

a teaching certificate from the State of Tennessee  

A double BA in Fine arts & Psychology from the University of Houston. 

A professional artist. 

Yes.  All students, children or adult gets charged the same for every course  

Registration fee   $55.00

Tuition is per course for 10 lessons. $395.00

supplies fees varies per medium 

30 years ago I visited the only art school in Houston at that time and realized the need for a real art program for children and adults. Th

Talented , less talented, experienced, beginners and professional artists. 

I have had the opportunity to work with special needs students very successfully. 

An adult who always wanted to learn to draw and had put it off of fear she would not be good enough. After three lessons she was creating beautiful compositions. 

Not every teacher is a good artist and not every artist is a good teacher!  Look for experience, word of moth and references from others before committing to a series of wasted lessons and bad experiences.

At The Art House,

Every student receives individualized attention. Students do no learn at the same pace and art is very personal, therefore, even when a group starts together each student advances at a different pace.  

Beginners are specially sensitive to directions.  We start at very slow pace and move according to the students needs and curiosity to make sure each experience is a positive one. 

Every question is an opportunity for discovery and learning. We encourage openness and expression. 

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