Ryan Lee Reid

Ryan Lee Reid

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I'm Ryan Lee Reid. I'm a pianist, composer, singer, producer, beat maker, performer and instructor in all things music across all styles.

After decades of learning, playing, creating, performing, and teaching piano, I approach music in a different way I’ve found most effective and engaging to my students.

I make learning music simple whether your learning in person at my studio or online. I offer lessons in piano, electronic music, song writing, music production, music theory, vocal coaching, performance/audition skills, composition, song writing, beat making sessions, and production.

I teach across genres- classical, jazz, funk, R&B, electronic, country, and anything with a groove that makes you want to move. If you would like to use an exam based piano curriculum, I teach all 9 levels and components of the ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) syllabus from the Initial Grade followed by Grades 1-8. I also teach all 5 levels of the ABRSM Jazz Piano Syllabus Grades 1-5.

During our sessions, I break down music into 3 parts like an orchestra or band: bass, harmony and melody. You get to choose the songs you want to play because why spend time learning songs that don’t bring you joy? Our sessions are driven and curated to your goals and interests.

I make it easy for you to understand, play, and compose your own music using my methodology. It transcends genre and skill level to help you regardless of if you want to become a classical concert pianist, a jazz improvisational sensation, a pop piano star, a talented trap beat maker or simply just want to play a song you like on the piano.

I also work with beat makers, DJs, music producers, and sound engineers to improve their piano skills and music theory specific to helping increase their work flow by giving them the ability to quickly create music whether it’s for beats to sell, perform, or songs for yourself or others.

As for live performances, I perform locally and internationally. I hope to help you experience music in different forms- not just listening to music, but seeing, creating, and transforming it in new ways.

Watching students of all ages accomplish their musical goals, cultivate a passion by playing music the student is interested in playing, and utilizing new technologies to make practice more fun, less monotonous, and more efficient.

I teach all genres classical, pop, jazz, gospel, electronic, etc. That's one of the benefits of being a musician and not just a pianist, because you understand how music is put together at such a deep level. Since this is the crux of my teaching methodology it allows the student to play any style of music, since tastes can easily change over time as students progress.


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Offers online services

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    ryan M.

    First session was very relaxed, a lot of information in a 30 (probably closer to 45) minute free session where he was professional and very quickly assessed my needs, current level as well as my goals. Would absolutely recommend if youre looking to find a true professional who listens to your needs before presenting solutions.
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    October 28, 2023


    marcus J.

    Ryan has a great way of teaching music that is customized to the student’s interests, goals, and ability, making learning much more enjoyable. He is a very talented musician and has an outstanding way of breaking down what may normally be complicated concepts into much more simple and manageable parts to build on. Highly recommended.
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    August 12, 2023


    Justin P.

    Ryan provided a customized plan based on my goals, and ability. Lessons are easy to follow, and I am happy with the progress Ive seen thus far.
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    September 25, 2018
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    Robert R.

    He is very personable,professional and patient. He is also a very good piano player.
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    September 21, 2018
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    John B.

    Had my first lesson and am so very pleased. He’s easy going, knowledgeable and is showing me a different way of looking at music. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn piano. Mr. Reid listened to my goals and developed a plan that is perfect. Have already learned a lot.
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    August 29, 2018
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    John B.

    Had my first lesson and am so very pleased. He’s easy going, knowledgeable and is showing me a different way of looking at music. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn piano. Mr. Reid listened to my goals and developed a plan that is perfect. Have already learned a lot.
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    August 28, 2018
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    Frequently asked questions

    First, I want to know about you. What are your goals you wish to accomplish? Whether that pertains to:

    -Piano/Composition/Music Theory/Improvisation/Arranging and Orchestration

    -Audio production assistance to make a demo tape for distribution to agents, social media, or a press kit. 

    Teaching methodology: I teach a modified version of Bach's method which starts from the ground up beginning with 1 voice (note) then adding 2 voices (Bass + Melody) then 3 voices and so forth until fluid lush harmonies and melodies are formed which then allows the student to explore improvisation since they have such a deep understanding of how music is formed from the most basic level up to the more complex

    I have a Bachelors degree from SHSU and have had the luxury of traveling and performing at both domestic and international venues.

    My classical studies were taught by Yale/Royal College music alum Dr. Clive Swansbourne, who still tours nationally and internationally.

    My jazz studies were taught by Paul English, who is one of Houston's preeminent jazz pianists, a sponsored Steinway Artist, and former adjunct professor at Rice University.

    These connections with both local and national artists have afforded me the opportunity to spend time in recording studios through out Houston and abroad to understand the process of audio production enabling me to arrange/edit/mix/master my own works.

    Pricing based on session or performance length and type. 

    I offer a limited number of discounted sessions to students, industry professionals, and those facing economic hardships because music is healing. 

    I started classical training at 7 yrs old, did competitions until I got really burned out. Then after taking a few years off I began my jazz studies in my early 20's and then audio engineering when I started recording which naturally led me into electronic music.

    Kids, adults, seniors, teens, and anyone inbetween at all different skill levels: from introucing 1st timers to the piano to preparing advanced students for some of the most prostigious undergrad music programs 

    Ask questions until you are satisfied, making sure the performer, teacher, composer, arranger, or producer is right for you.

    When looking for a Piano/MusicTheory/Composition Teacher: What do I want to get out of these lessons? Am I willing to commit my time and energy to self-improvement. 

    And it's not quantity of practice it's quality and consitency, which is one of my main focuses.

    Services offered

    Music Theory
    Audio Production