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We help you realize your musical dreams and aspirations by giving you all the tools you need to do so. Whether you want to accomplish small musical goals or set out to become a working professional, we can help you make that happen.

To that end, I have written literally dozens of trumpet books. Collectively, these books represent my "trumpet method" that is rooted in this goal oriented approach to trumpet lessons. Visit my website to see a full list of published trumpet books: https://eddielewis.com/trumpet-books/

Also worth mentioning is that I am one of Houston's top call trumpet players and an accomplished composer. My work as a performer and composer is stylistically diverse. I have played and written music in many different styles.  This gives me a very unique perspective in the lessons because I don't just teach trumpet. I teach music. And the music I teach is appropriate for what the students want to learn.

I love to share my knowledge and eperiences with anyone who wants to be a part of that. My performance career has put me on stage with countless numbers of wonderful musicians. Yes, many of those have been famous (see my resume page on my website to see which famous acts I have performed with), but not all great musicians are famous. 

I love taking those experiences from the stage to the lessons. It's a musical version of "paying it forward."

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  • Dr. Robert W. Zapf, D.M. Organizational Development; USAF (Retired); Associate Professor (Retired); Freelance Trumpet Musician

    As a comeback trumpet musician who studied with some great performers and teachers while serving in an Air Force Band years ago (e. g. Vincent Cichowicz, David Hickman, et al.), I can credibly attest to the efficacy of Mr. Lewis’ observations, philosophies, methods, and approaches regarding how to develop trumpet playing skills and musicianship. Mr. Lewis is a highly respected performer, great teacher, and all-around fine person. I have been studying with him for more than a year to regain my chops and abilities after many years of not playing, and I plan to continue studying with him for quite some time to come. Accordingly, I harbor no reservations recommending Mr. Lewis to any individual keenly interested in developing their trumpet playing skills and musicianship.

  • Marcel Boily

    Last year, with the pandemia and my retirement from work, I decided to learn to play the Trumpet. I do not have any background in music ( exept a few lessons taken in the late nineties ) and could not meet with teachers in person because of the limitations brought by covid…Luckily enough Youtube and the internet make it possible for anybody ( I live in the province of Québec, Canada) to look for teachers all over the world. Watching videos on YouTube, I learned about Eddie Lewis and his approach. I listened to some of his music. I liked what I heard. I contacted Eddie, he answered my questions even if at that point I was not a pupil of his. After a few emails, I decided to start to take on-line classes with him, using the Skype platform. A year later, I am still working on a weekly basis with him. I enjoy our sessions. He is always positive, encouraging. It shows that he has experience as much as a performer as a teacher. Overtime, I realized that he understood my difficulties and cared about my progress. In addition , he has an impressive amount of teaching material developed over the years for students of any level, material well designed and tested. Besides his capacities as a teacher and musician, he is a great human being with a good sense of humor and wonderful communicating skills. I am looking forward for more lessons with him, hoping that someday I will become comfortable to touch this beautiful but so difficult instrument.

  • Charles Young

    Where to start. I have been taking lessons with Eddie for about 2 years now and I am more than pleased with the progress I have made under his tutelage. I have studied both classical and jazz styles with him and he has an amazing knowledge of both areas. To further the learning in either he has a vast array or original exercises and method books that he tailors to your skill level. I am currently studying jazz with him and after forays into improvisation and composition I am now concentrating on learning and recording the jazz etudes he has composed for the Texas High School Allstate Jazz Band tryouts. They were initially beyond my abilities but he has helped me improve my skills to successfully play them. One other factor is that I live in Tucson, AZ so all of our lessons have been over Skype. It has worked very well. The connection is good enough for me to play or for him to demonstrate live. Much of the time though is spent reviewing recordings that I have made during the week. I would highly recommend Eddie as a teacher for all levels of players from beginners to aspiring professionals.

  • Julia Mason

    I have so much to say about Eddie so would like to write just a few sentences first in case you would like a short version! Eddie is a wonderful teacher. He is great at working with young children. He is consistent, kind, adaptive, creative, and experienced. The Skype lessons have been very effective. We have thoroughly appreciated our time with Eddie! My son, Riley, started working with Eddie at 6.5 years old. We were living in the Houston area at the time and Riley had asked for a trumpet for his 6th birthday. I started asking around but no one would take him because of his age, until I found Eddie 6 months later. Riley is now almost 11 and has been playing with Eddie for 4.5 years. Eddie believes in tenants of the Suzuki method and Riley listens to a lot of music with him. Eddie will play all the music first so Riley has to rely on his ear as well as the notes on the page. It worked beautifully for a young child and now Riley can internalize a song that he hears and mimic the music in a very detailed way, paying attention to note-length, articulation, and dynamics. Eddie consistently works with his students every week, only rarely missing a lesson for a gig, so Riley has consistently improved during his time with Eddie. Riley played with Eddie through all his teeth falling out with no problem and worked with his opposite hand the time he broke his finger. Eddie is kind and cares about his students beyond the trumpet lesson. He tells stories about life and teaches Riley to have priorities. He also helps us with requests. He wrote Riley music for school talent shows and Christmas recitals at his Grandma’s house. He helps him find joy in the trumpet. Recently, we joined a Big Band group in our hometown and Eddie has been helping Riley work through some challenging music on the rehearsal list. Eddie can adjust to whatever is needed. We moved to California three years ago and Skype lessons with Eddie have been just as great as the in-person lessons. During the pandemic when the kids were kept home, we added a second lesson to Riley’s week, so he could have something to work on when there was so much time with nothing to do. I actually started trumpet lessons as well during this time at 38 years old! It has been really fun to share this experience with Riley. Eddie helped us get through a rough period and gave us something to focus on. Eddie’s knowledge and experience with the trumpet has led to a unique education for Riley. I have not seen the likes of it before. Eddie’s method has given Riley a creative understanding of music. Riley cannot only play the trumpet because of Eddie but he can write music as well. He can improvise and he has been able to apply the lessons he has learned from Eddie to the piano and marimba. He sits down at the piano and just plays with no music. He creates, which is something I never learned in music lessons growing up. We look forward to lessons each week because no matter how well we have learned the music, he meets us where we are and helps us progress forward. He has given Riley and I an experience where we can be challenged, without feeling anxiety, because he is there to guide us through it. He practices with us if our practice was insufficient and that is ok with him. It makes the lesson less stressful and more about the enjoyment of it all. We feel so lucky to have found Eddie. He has enriched our lives immeasurably!

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

I don't think I have a "typical process". I treat every student as an individual. The differences between them dictate a different approach for each one. 

Fortunately, I have been teaching trumpet lessons since 1980 and have taught hundreds of students since then. It doesn't take me long to figure out what the students' needs are and to get going on filling those needs immediately. 

Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? If so, please share the details here.

We have two types of lessons, weekly lessons and ad hoc lessons. Weekly lessons are what they sound like, lessons on a weekly basis. These lessons cost a little less than the ad hoc lessons. Ad hoc lessons are occassional lessons without a weekly commitment. 

Our weekly hour lessons are $55. Ad hoc hour lessons are $70.

Weekly half hour lessons are $33. Ad hoc half hour lessons are $48. 


How did you get started teaching?

I started teaching trumpet lessons in 1980 when I was a junior in high school. My band director recognized this ability in me and referred me to some beginners at the intermediate school. 

Shortly after that, I began teaching privately at my parents' home and later when I was a university student. I have taught hundreds of students in the decades since those first lessons. 

What types of students have you worked with?

I work with anyone who wants to learn what I have to teach. The age range of my current students is from 8 to 75. I have taught hundreds of beginners and a small hand full of fellow professional players.

I have taught many of the trumpet students at Houston's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and over the years more than my share of students have made the Texas All-State Band.

That said, I am also proud to teach the less ambitious students. Many of my students over the years just wanted to play trumpet for fun. I enjoy working with them to help them have that fun. 

Describe a recent event you are fond of.

As a teacher, I am "fond" of every accomplishment my students make. When they learn a new piece, I celebrate with them. When they acquire a new sckill, it brings me joy. I am a goal oriented teacher and nothing pleases me more than for a student accomplish precisely what they set out to do. 

What advice would you give a student looking to hire a teacher in your area of expertise?

If you are looking for a trumpet teacher, listen to their recordings and/or watch their videos. You should align the teacher with the type of trumpet playing you want to do. 

There are different ways to play the trumpet that are all considered "correct" based on the style they are playing. If you take lessons from someone who you don't like they way they sound, then you might be starting down the wrong path. This will mean having to make major corrections to your playing years down the road. 

What questions should students think through before talking to teachers about their needs?

Before looking for a teacher, ask yourself what you want from lessons. I have a video on my YouTube channel that talks about "practicing with a purpose". Knowing what you want before you begin your search for a teacher will make finding the right teacher much easier.

That said, sometimes beginners don't know what they want from music yet. A beginner might not have a clearly defined "purpose" other than to get better on the trumpet.