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I am a scholar and I have a Master's degree in Conflict Resolution - Social and Systemic Studies. My service stands out because I teach subjects about which I am passionate. My first major was music, in which I am an accomplished Jazz saxophonist and Upright bassist. I also play the Flute and Piano. My curriculum studies for my Bachelor's degree included Algebra, Philosophy, and Creative writing.

I enjoy tutoring because it gives me the opportunity to teach the specific subjects that I love on a one-on-one basis. Also, the student can experience immediate understanding as a result of direct learning whether it's towards an academic subject, or working with a musical instrument.

I started work as a private lesson instructor in September of 2000, at a private music academy in Weston, Florida, and worked teaching Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano, and Trombone until May 2005. In June of 2005, when I moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, I started private tutoring in academic subjects such as Algebra and Language.

I am a graduate of Antilles Military Academy, Jr. R.O.T.C in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico and have lived there for two years, 1967 to 1969. As a result, I read and speak Spanish with enough comprehension as I can translate from English to Spanish.

In 1997, I completed a Master's thesis entitled "Racial Stereotypes In The Workplace" as a partial condition for graduation from the School of Social and Systemic Studies. I received my Master's degree in 1997.

My novel, "Revenge by Blood" was published in 2012 by Dorrance/Rosedog Publishing Co.



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Frequently asked questions

My process is to make the student feel comfortable with me as some with whom they are not familiar; I explain to them what they can expect from me, as well as, what I expect from them.

It is from my College and University education that I base my abilities to be a competent instructor and tutor.

My standard of pricing is $20 per 1/2 hour for musical instrument students; and $30 per hour for academic tutoring.

I answered an ad in September of 2000 for a Saxophone instructor, and was delighted to find that at the end of the year I was teaching Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, and Trombone; in addition to the piano.

I've worked with Middle and High School students at an after-school music academy.

I'v worked as a tutor to High School students and some adults in subjects such as algebra.

The most recent was in 2005 when I last saw my student who was a tall middle school boy. The first time i saw him in 2000, he was so little, that his fingers could not reach the keys on the alto saxophone. I had to have him just play an open "C#", which is to just blow into the saxophone with no keys held down. I taught him for 5 years.

My advise to a student looking to hire a teacher in my area is to consider the overall education and the dedication it takes for a teacher to consider private tutoring and teaching, as opposed to being a classroom teacher.

Students should think through the idea that they are willing to follow the instructions given in order to be successful.

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