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Offers online services
Offers online services


Excellent, personalized music coaching that fits your needs, and not the needs of the teacher. Full, well-rounded knowledge of technique, theory and performance in a fun, positive atmosphere. You learn how to accompany choirs or soloists - which is a big thing that the majority of pianists end up doing. Sight-reading is emphasized and note-reading starts from day one.

I have been playing since 1970, and received my Bachelor's Degree in Music Education in 1988, and working on my Master's in Music Ed currently. I have been teaching privately for 40 years. I have taught choir, band, music appreciation and theory in public schools. I accompany, music direct and orchestrate community theater. I accompany less-known celebrities when they come to town alone without a backup band or pianist.

Feel free to watch some of my piano playing on my YouTube Channel here:

For more information about my Studio, feel free to find me and message me here:

I love to see the joy on a student's face when I can see that they understand a musical concept. When they perform, they receive the rewards of accomplishment.


44 years in business
Serves Santa Clara , UT
Offers online services

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    Lisa R.

    Brenda is wonderful with young students....somehow she makes it make sense to them!!
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    August 14, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    Get to know them, find out their musical likes and dislikes, what their goals are, ask them to play something they like - if they have experience.  Do an informal verbal assessment of their skills and abilities.  Assign a couple easy things to do for the first week that make them feel they can do this.

    Bachelor of Arts - Music Education - Secondary Endorsement.

    Master of Music Education - in process (almost finished)

    40 years+ teaching private music lessons; piano, voice, basic guitar, various instruments (clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, violin, cello, flute, tuba, etc.)

    $30/half hour


    I played the piano before my mom realized that I should get lessons.  I moved quickly, and then immediately started teaching my sisters what I learned, which turned into their friends wanting to learn, too.  I quickly became a notable "pro" in the neighborhood and school, and others quickly decided that I should teach them.  I made money in junior high and high school just by teaching my friends and neighbors.  When I grew up and got married and had kids, I just never stopped teaching.  Never had to search for students.

    All ages, all levels, all types of students - who want just religious lessons, or just pop, or just classical.  Any concept can be taught, with almost any type of song - if you are intuitive enough.  There's no music that is better than any other.  It's all about what the student wants to learn and play.  I add in other styles periodically, to give them a taste for other styles.  But to keep a student happy, I give them the things they like to listen to, and play.

    I recently had two grandbabies born, which makes numbers 8 and 9.  That brings me joy.

    Find the teacher that you can get along with and that is willing to teach you what you want to learn.  I can teach any area of expertise.  I can help someone learn how to work an electronic keyboard, and how to have fun with it, how to record and layer.  I can help someone learn to use a writing program on the computer and write their own music.  I can help people set up their keyboards to the computer so they can work more efficiently.

    1. Do you have a piano that you can practice on every time you want to practice?

    2. Do you have self discipline to keep practicing, even when it gets hard - or worse - boring.

    3. What music do you like?

    4. What is your ultimate goal, musically?  Concert pianist? Broadway pit orchestra? Play in Church?  Play at home for fun? 

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