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Offers online services


Hello everyone! My name is Keisha I have been teaching art professionally now for about four years. I have a bachelors in fine arts, and a minor in art history. I have painted illustrations for children’s books, done public And private residency murals , I have guidedall ages through a 2 1/2 hour paint class . I really love color, vibrancy, and detail!!! I am a local artist in the Virginia Beach area and would love to take on new students! I am looking to broaden my horizon well bringing positivity through the utilization of creative expression. I have several locations to view my art!


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     Typically I like to go over the basics first depending on what the student already is experienced with, I believe starting with the basics and then adding on New techniques while allowing creative expression to  experiment !

    I have a bachelors in fine arts  and a minor in art education!  And even though I’m 28 and been doing art for 20 years 

    It’s only $15 an hour.

     Back into thousand 14 I was a preschool teacher working a art program during the summer, I was able to guide and instruct 10 students through the van Goghs starry nights painting,It was right around the time paint nights we’re becoming really popular, so I ended up getting with my dad to buy about $90 worth of wood and hardware and we built 35 easels instead of spending a lot of money to buy individual easels, so with that being said, I was able to book about 15 paint parties that first year teaching various friends and friends of friends while gaining experience. This experience eventually led me to teach professionally for an art studio locally placed in town center in Virginia Beach where now  I teach upwards of 50 people every session 

    I have worked with four-year-old students that are preschool age all the way up through middle school age is in high school ages for children. But on the daily I lead and instruct adult paint classes so I generally work with adults! But I love all age groups especially kids!

    I love to laugh and I find that Comedy and using layman’s terms really make a class enjoyable

    Just recently we celebrated Valentine’s Day at our studio and it was awesome to celebrate love with all of the couples that came in to paint, it was actually a couple paining so it was really unique that each couple got to mix their paint together and kind of be guided through the process together. Definitely a great relationship bonding experience as well as a unique experience for people who wouldn’t typically bring themselves out and paint 

    First of all if you are looking for a teacher to teach you then you are already my kind of person, you are never too young or too old to reinvent yourself, hone in on your hobbies and talents! It is awesome to learn new things, and it makes my whole heart happy to see people get excited aboutThe talents that they have.

    I think some good things to know is what type of art do you like? Are there artists that you are inspired by, or maybe you don’t know any artists at all! I think that when it comes to art it’s all about inspiration, what inspires us what colors do we visually love the most, what colors look great next to each otherThe crazy in most amazing thing that people can’t seem to come to terms with is that art has no rules. There is no wrong or right way to do art, but it’s good to tell a teacher maybe what you like that way I can tailor my sessions to your needs

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