Offers online services
Offers online services


I am very adaptive to your personal needs (goals, work schedule, body type, injuries, diets, personality ect.)

With some of my own structured methods we can personalize your yoga experience.

For Example:

-Power Vinyasa for calorie burn

-Revitalization for mid-afternoon pickup or second wave

-Slow deep intense stretching and yoga foundation the practice (intended for beginners and a well-seasoned yogi)

-Meditation for your goals

-Get away yoga (excursions of Washington's landscape) Literally get a breather from your regular routine and do something tremendously healthy. See a view, work out and your lunch is provided.

-add face, neck and foot massages. reg, stone or seasonal oils and botanical fragrances!

I want you to be treated from the outside in to do better activities and goals for yourself.

If your body is strong it will lead you to do better in the world. You will dedicate yourself to the right people in your social network(s). You will be able to welcome value add to your routines. You will let go of distractions from life’s purpose. Resulting in a more fulfilling and focused life.

I love having company while being healthy!

I practice a lifestyle that avoids substance use to find enlightenment, people who drag others spiritually down, course correcting toxic ideas, sedentary existences, and rumination over old experiences that may have let us down.

When I meet my clients I hope that they are ready to create something that has never existed before inside themselves ( a new goal, exploring unexplored dreams, enjoying epiphanies or making a choice that rejuvenates) Each day we cultivate our fragments of intentions. Meeting with me is taking the first steps into a better view of what the world can be! Instead of letting the past govern our futures!


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

We jump right in. You bring your mat, workout gear, water bottle, and towel. We get into a warm-up where we update each other about our focus and intentions for class. Then get healthy instantly!

I have been an athlete and dancer my whole life. I began teaching at 11 at my dance studios as an assistant to pay(work trade) for my own classes. I worked with 3 different instructors until I was 18. I began to work out at all the gyms I found interesting. I missed the studio. I came across 8 limbs on Capitol  Hill in Seattle. I practiced here off and on until I was 23 where I began a new work trade experience for 6months! I love it!  At this point, I knew I wanted to get certified. I researched and found that CorePower was a nationally known company with a great program and signed up. It was an intense 200hrs in 2.5 months. I saw nirvana a few times! I also learned a ton about myself and the principles of Yoga. I grew. This has been my foundation to nutrition, better ways of living, wholesome, relationships and overall happiness. I  have taught and worked at Community Centers, Private homes, and currently at LA Fitness. I would love to really support you on your road to health your way at your pace with real experience that will inspire you to get what you are looking for may it be better looks, feelings, understanding nutrition, thought patterns oe goal setting! It's time for you to get a private session for you to fortify or show off that awesome you!    

25/hr on most video platforms.

What do you prefer...

Google meets? Facebook? Zoom?

I guess I just loved it!

Every single kind....Still, like them! I can get to your level of's up to you whether we are a fit. It's okay if we are not but if we are admitting that can't we take the time to find out why and drive a solution? 

It's your life take it in your hands. I can guide you I can show you but in the end, you will be the one to do what you need to do for you.

If I am part of that how fortunate am I? Extremely.

I am Kind and upbeat if that's your style we are set.

I like adventures physically and emotionally. 

Please make sure you understand that this is a service and work I do whether you like me or's just respectful and courteous.   

Plus I really have always been terrible at holding a grudge. 

Spirit and true purposes are bigger than immediate comprehension honestly. I don't gossip.  

Are you legal? Moral? Well-intentioned for me and you? 

That's all that matters.

Start somewhere! Learning is doing!

Barriers. Fears. Bad body parts. Motivation issues. Timing.  

Throw it out! We can still exercise. We can still make a goal. We can heal and not push the boundaries. Define your limits but slowly removing negativity on them.  

I want you to know thyself by asking what is stopping me from doing my best? This worry and stress is important to define you. It's not important to live you bring it and show it when your ready no rush.

we will chat about health or physical injuries when we meet we can still do this.

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