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Offers online services


I treat the unique, individual body in front of me, getting to know and understand the health history, injuries and where to go from there, with the clients best interests at heart and listening to the clients wants and needs.

I have worked with the public and in healthcare for most of my life and even with leaving it for a while, I know it is my calling because I am always drawn to it and it truly gives me joy to help people and see the results.


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Ashley J.

Leah really listened to what I was trying to accomplish and when I realized why I wasn’t able to reach my goals with my personal trainer, she showed me why.
Her knowledge, mixed with her passion and amazing way of truly hearing and listening and taking her time to even “do her homework” for the next time she sees you, makes her worth all the money in the world.
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November 06, 2017

Amy P.

Leah is great. Very professional and helpful. She is helping me improve my core strength which in turn is helping with my back pain. Highly recommend her!
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November 06, 2017

Lynette J.

I have had private Pilates instruction with Leah . I Felt she knew a great deal . Keeping it safe while providing a very thorough work out .
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November 06, 2017

Frequently asked questions

I like to assess and each new and individual body that is in front of me and understand each persons past history with injuries, surge, etc and assess their gait, weaknesses, strengths, etc and hear exactly what their thoughts, goals and concerns are. 

Together, with my training and the clients trust and knowledge of their own past and present and future goals, we can attain a safe and effective approach towards the best outcome. 

I am trained and certified in massage therapy, caniosacral therapy, different modalities of sports therapy, Pilates, nutrition and fitness. 

I do, however, it is relevant to each clients location and needs and discussed beforehand. 

I’ve been in sports and natural modalities for years and it spawned from working in the medical field and my own health care and literwanting to have more of a natural approach to my health. 

I can list less of what types I have not worked with. 

My humanitarian work both in the states and abroad. 

If it doesn’t feel good or hurts, don’t do it and stop immediately and do not rehire that teacher and you should never get hurt or be in a compromising position to be at risk of being hurt in Pilates. 

Ensure that the teacher is listening to your needs and not just wanting to “cookie cut” and teach a one for all type of exercise regimen. 

All bodies are different and one should teach the body in front of them, not just teach blindly and just to make some money. They should truly

love what they do and want real and healthy and safe results. 

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