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Hi all, my name is Starr and I’m your Private fitness trainer, yoga instructor, boxing instructor as well as massage therapist and nutrition & wellness coach.

We master weight loss programs, strength & conditioning, post rehabilitation training, senior & pre/post natal exercise programs as well as kids boxing lessons. Each individual training program is designed to suit you best in achieving your maximum results while hitting your target goals.

Watching my work in progress and resulting in the confidence built into new fit people ready to change their lives for the long run.


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Serves Houston , TX

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    Reionn W.

    STARR is an excellent boxing trainer for my 12-year-old son. He started with no experience at all and quickly learned many techniques and moves in a short span of time. Right now he loves boxing and looks forward to his lessons every week. If you are thinking of letting your child try something new and exciting, Don’t hesitate to get them in this excellent training program.
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    October 10, 2017


    Erica V.

    STARR is an amazing trainer and boxing instructor that goes the extra miles to push you to your limits and achieve your goals. Never have I felt so strong, confident and in the best shape of my life after struggling for half my life to exercise alone. She’s a winner and I highly recommend her to those serious about getting in shape.
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    October 08, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

     I enjoyed getting to meet my new student and find out a bit about what their goals we are and what they hope to gain from their lessons or training. I like to build a comfortable relationship so that my students will flourish and grow within their lessons and begin to relax and allow their body mechanics and movements to take control and create their sense of confidence.

     I have received extensive training since the age of 16 years old in boxing as well as being certified as a personal trainer with a specialty in kickboxing. This serves as my template to train anyone between the ages of eight years of age and older. I have used my training in motion picture films as I starred as the main actress using self-defense skills as well As modeled for fitness magazines for bodybuilding. I enjoy creating a beautiful physique and a tough mind along with self-defense skills.

    Yes, the current rate for my lessons are $30 per lesson I use my ongoing promotion package called “Starr Fit 30-Day Fit Bootvamp” which serves good for eight lessons at $240 to be paid upfront to schedule dates in advance. My students see me a minimum one or two times per week on a schedule agreed-upon based on my availability or openings. All equipment is provided including: stretch matt’s and boxing equipment such as boxing gloves, and mitts, jump rope, push up stabilizers, medicine balls, and dumbbell weights. If lessons are for your children between the ages of 6 years of age and 17 years of age parents must meet with me along with your child in order to fill out a parental agreement. 

    I Got started teaching women’s self-defense boxing skills ten years ago because I saw personal experiences of women being attacked or abused. Women’s humbling manners have gotten them hurt, so instead I started a woman’s group to teach self defense, confidence and getting their bodies in top shape and strength to feel secure and incorporate in any given situation or attack that they may face. 

    I have worked with children as young as 6 years of age up to 17 years of age. I also work with adults both men and women on a one on one individual basis. I find that lessons on a one on one basis helps my student to focus on targets and lessons that incorporate specific goals to their needs.  Special attention to my students include answering their questions, correcting their form, helping them develop balance, and the most important is to help them develop a sense of confidence, security within themselves and develop a whole new individual persepective.

    There are many events I am inspired by, so many to list but for the most part, I have lived my entire life inspiring women, men, children and teens to help uplift themselves, find their confidence and feel good about using how they feel to their advantage. Along with using fitness training and mentoring, most of my clients have either been through a deadly battle of some sort of illness but have overcome using the power of the mind, it is my most powerful aspect as a mentor and your coach. Half of your battle is believing you can do something and carrying it out with the action.

     The advice I give to all new and current students is always to incorporate all that they have learned and never to forget. Continue to train and always remember never to use your skills wrongfully or against anyone unskilled as you may hurt them. I teach them to always respect the skills developed and honor the sport by respecting the use of those skills never to use them unless absolutely necessary or if in a given attack situation in self-defense only.

     I’d like my students prior to starting any lessons or training to think about what they feel their weakest areas are? What they hope to accomplish in receiving lessons? Another key point I make my priority is to ask students what they plan to use the newfound skills once attained?  Is your training to use in future sports, as an actor on film, just learning a skill and getting in shape, Are you willing to share if you have ever been caught in a situation of being bullied whether in school or out of school? Are their strong points about your personality or character that can help aid in your training? These will give any students a moment to think about what they want and what they hope to use their skills to accomplish in life? 

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