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Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle Mentorship

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Your body’s craving a quick, easy and effective crash-course to feel unstoppable in her skin.

⚡️ Reverse Engineer Youth

⚡️ Ignite Your Body's Self-Healing Superpowers

⚡️ Real Results, Real-Life Magic

... it all begins with just a minute a day!

A total body, whole life kickstart - with heart. Your body holds all the wisdom and guidance you need to breathe life into your brightest, boldest dreams.

✴️ spark youthful vitality

✴️ unlock unshakable confidence

✴️ get physically, mentally & emotionally fit

✴️ magnetize your most awesome self so that extraordinary experiences come alive!

Supersize your self-care with an easeful 9-week action plan infused with practical, purposeful holistic lifestyle guidance.

A YOU-specific structure that helps give your wellness routines and wellbeing rituals an energetic facelift that flows with your busy lifestyle.


I thrive when I'm helping soulful go-getters breathe life into their Best Self so they can be their most awesome for the people they love and things that matter most to them.

I love supporting the spiritually curious woman-of-action (like YOU) ignite beauty, aliveness and unshakeable confidence so she can embody holistic fortitude -- inner strength, mental agility and true power...not yet another peak performance "hack".

Together, we upgrade your habits at the cellular and soul level so that you remember how to trust yourself again; to let go and thrive in your one wild, miraculous life!



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Offers online services

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    Lettecia K.

    Sylvia met me right where Im at. She assessed my knee problem, saw connections with my movement, posture, and other parts of my body right away. She gave me several exercises that I can do on a daily basis to help heal not only my knee but my overall spinal flexibility as well. Doing these for a few days is already helping me feel better and have more strength and mobility. She is masterful, warm, and able to help clients at every level. Im very grateful!
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    February 09, 2018


    Jennifer B.

    Sylvia identified the root cause of systemic body breakdowns and developed a personalized program to rid me from chronic pain, She has facilitated a new conversation with my own body so that I can really listen to how my body responds to foods and training. Training with Sylvia is a privilege and an honor as well as life saving
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    February 02, 2018


    Steven S.

    Ive been working with Sylvia since October of 2017. We started with nutrition support and then advanced into fitness advising. She has set me up on a great workout that matches my personal goals. In the first round we focused on longer full body workouts and cardio and in the second round we are doing a 5-day a week 45 minutes a day Tabata Program.
    I am surprised by her vast knowledge of the body - all trainers know some things, but Sylvia seems to know about the whole body, how things connect and work together and how to create exercise programs that will fit my ever evolving needs for my overall health.
    Her biography certainly speaks for itself, but she is also super down to earth, very caring, and overall so supportive which makes me want to work out more than I have ever done before. She also is kind to send me messages of congratulations, support, and positive motivation that keep me motivated.
    Hire Sylvia, you will not be disappointed!
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    February 02, 2018


    Antonio T.

    My work with THINQACTION is all about helping young professionals create their own luck and identify opportunities in their career. This is exactly what Sylvia does to unlock the body and mind’s full potential. If you’re thinking about working with Sylvia, don’t wait. Start today. Shes amazing!
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    February 02, 2018


    Tara C.

    Sylvia is a Jedi Princess on pleasurable fitness and nourishment for increased manifestation and lifestyle magic!
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    February 02, 2018


    Kimberly D.

    Because of the tips Sylvia shared with me before I hit the road, I have been owning myself this week and cannot wait to get home to start following my meal plan!
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    February 02, 2018

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    Virtual Fitness Muse. 9-weeks of expert guidance backed by a 20+ year professional career, plus a lifetime of experiential wisdom from my own personal self-healing path.

    High-Vibe Habit Kickstart. A 90-Minute Clarity and Coaching sesh to serve as your motivational springboard into living life as your most awesome YOU -- starting stat!

    Exclusive Premium Mentorship. Four 1-on-1 bi-weekly 60-minute sessions -- action-focused and primed to optimize progress and supercharge results.

    On-Demand VIP Access. 9-weeks of check-ins, Q&A, laser coaching, accountability, inspirational nudges and ongoing guidance at your fingertips to help you stay on track and on purpose. 

    YOU-Powered Playbook. A bespoke game plan laser targeted each week to your body’s unique blueprint for ‘whole self’ health on your terms.Personalized Resource Vault. An a la carte arsenal of supportive inspiration and valuable information tailored to help evoke new behaviors that infuse your innate greatness with the magnetic powers of grace.


    Oxygen Fitness Magazine: Cover Model & Featured Fitness Pro

    Natural Muscle Magazine: Cover Model & Featured Fitness Pro

    National Lampoon’s “Pledge This”: Stunt Double for Sofia Vergara

    Tri-Fitness World Championship: 2x World Champion Fitness Athlete

    Jack Zatorski’s “Push Up Pro”: Fitness Talent for infomercial & packaging

    Billy Beck IIIs Physical Mastery Coaching: Featured Fitness Athlete for video coaching program

    Tri-Fitness World Championship MC: Host alongside fitness celebrities Katie Uter & Lia Montelongo

    Discovery Channel’s “10 Year Younger”: Weight Loss Mentor for Season 1 participant, Rosie Bernhard

    NBC Miami “Get Moving Monday’s”: Featured Fitness Athlete with CNN reporter Joe Carter & Tony Robbins’ Celebrity Trainer Billy Beck III

    eHow: Featured Fitness Athlete for 50+ videos



    The Hoffman Institute: The Process

    Landmark: The Forum

    Landmark: Advanced Course

    Resistance Training Specialist: Certification Course

    Muscle Activation Techniques: Jumpstart Certification Course

    International Society Of Sports Nutrition: Sports Nutrition Certification Course

    Tony Robbins “Unleash The Power Within”: Lifestyle Coaching & Personal Improvement Seminar

    The National Strength & Conditioning Association: Certified Personal Trainer

    Perfect Competition Athletic Training Facility: Internship Program

    National Council of Strength & Fitness: Certified Personal Trainer

    University of Western Ontario (Canada): BS in Kinesiology

    9-Week Body+Soul Reboot - $1800


    I’ve lost control of my Jeep. I’m less than a second away from smashing into the wall at high speed. It’s noon. 

    I hear a voice. It’s my voice as a little girl, “No, no! Not like this!” 

    And then another voice, mine but seemingly not from me, “Sylvia, you’re about to hit the wall. Relax and let go.” 

    Against every natural human instinct I watch my hands let go of the steering slow motion...willed into action in less than a heartbeat by “something” outside of myself.

    I smash into the freeway wall, the airbags explode and scrape the skin off parts of my face -- as if my identity were being ripped away from my body.

    I’m 40. I’m a fitness badass, a Women’s Tri-Fitness Hall of Famer with two world championships, and I work as an elite trainer at one of the best gyms in South Florida. My clients are pro athletes, celebrities and high achievers striving for “success”. I live with an incredible boyfriend, fifty steps from the beach...yet, I haven’t been happy for years.

    My 30s were spent chasing trophies and podiums, unknowingly as a means to escape trauma, nightmares and pain. As an adult I got into relationships with super abusive guys. One put a gun to my head. Another put my head through a wall. 

    I became hardened on the outside and numb on the inside. 

    At my lowest point, when I was 38, I locked eyes with the driver of an 18 wheeler that I’d resolved to step in front of. My boyfriend pulled me away from the highway just in time.

    I was a walking dead girl, desperate to come alive but feeling trapped in my own skin.

    Dissatisfied with traditional bandaid approaches to healing I went on a mission to reclaim my physical and mental health with the very attitude I’d mastered as an athlete -- that extraordinary results happen through incremental changes. 

    For the next two years, instead of focusing on “peak performance” - how to jump higher, get faster, and look good in the mirror - I began immersing myself into learning about breathwork, meditation and heart-brain coherence; neuroscience, chakras and movement as therapy; the Law of Attraction and the practice of prayer. And, most of all, the miraculous healing power of gratitude. 

    I was learning to connect with trust myself again...and began experimenting with everything I learned on my clients. 

    Minutes after crashing my Jeep I was loaded into an ambulance. During transport, I had an experience that to this day is still hard to comprehend, let alone explain. 

    As I’m looking up at the paramedics the roof of the ambulance seems to open up. Suddenly I’m standing on a translucent white line. To my left is every moment I’d ever lived. To my right, a black void. Then I hear yet another voice, “Sylvia, you just walked right up to that line in the crash. If you’d crossed over, would you be okay with that?” 

    I watched how most of my life I’d often said “Yes,” to things I actually wanted to say no to. And saw how too often I’d said “No,” to things I yearned to say yes to.

    I answered the question. “I’d rather be dead.” 

    I woke up in the hospital. My first thought: “This is NOT my life. It’s up to me to change this.” 

    Weeks later everything inside me knew it was time to end my relationship. I packed up whatever I could fit into my tiny car, and moved to Boulder, Colorado despite not knowing a single soul in the city — because bizarrely, “Boulder” started popping up everywhere for me out of nowhere. I trusted this as a sign despite how insane this seemed. Nothing I was doing made any logical sense to those around me (and especially to me!) but everything inside me knew THIS was my path... 

    The next few years of my life ushered me into a rabbit hole of deep inner transformation. 

    I lived summers in Boulder, and winters in Costa Rica. I befriended and joined forces with extraordinary entrepreneurs who role-modeled authentic, creative and courageous living. 

    I serendipitously crossed paths with my very first mentor, Amber Rae, international best selling author, inspirational artist, and a creative maven who’d worked closely with serial entrepreneur, the prolific Seth Godin. I assisted Dr. Kate Maloney in producing Boulder’s legendary Success 3.0 Summit. In Costa Rica I ran a team of 27 locals alongside the founders of ECHO to produce a unique fusion of Burning Man-esque and TEDx-style talks in the middle of a jungle, three years running. 

    I softened. 

    I began to discover what it was like to stop using my body as armor. Instead, I learned how to use it as an instrument to manifest opulent experiences, generate boundless moments of joy and feel purposefully ALIVE.

    While in Costa Rica, I initiated a social impact business idea with women from the local town. I showed them how to turn plastic bags into beautiful bracelets. While we worked we talked. At first, their talk was all gossip, but I’d share my story, my mistakes, and pains, and soon the garbage talk transformed into deeply meaningful moments with the girls sharing personal feelings they’d never spoken before. It became a healing circle of sisterhood. Or as one of the girls lovingly called it, Trenza Terapia or “Braiding Therapy.”

    While sharing vulnerably with one another I knew that, together, we were overcoming our personal suffering one story, one bracelet at a time -- healing our hearts and liberating our gifts.

    Today, one of my greatest joys is guiding the on-the-go, spiritually curious woman who’s passionate about serving others down the very self-healing path I continue to walk myself to this very day. 

    I show her how to use practical fitness and wellness routines and rituals as sacred offerings in service to the temple that is Her Body - the instrument for manifesting the great visions of goodness and grace she feels called to birth into our world, into our lifetime, and beyond.

    The ambitious, creative female leader I serve craves a life of beauty, aliveness and unshakeable confidence at the core...not just toned abs and a tight bikini butt. 

    She reveres holistic fortitude, inner strength, mental agility and true power...rather than yet another peak performance mindset hack or quick-fix fad.

    I show her how to ignite freedom, ease and real-life magic - at the cellular and soul level - so that she remembers how to trust herself, let go and love her one wild, miraculous life!


    🌀 You’re an on-the-go, spiritually curious woman who’s passionate about serving others… but along the way your feelings, needs and desires took a backseat.

    🌀 You crave a life where the success and smiles you wear on the outside… genuinely reflect the self-confidence you feel on the inside.

    🌀 You’re stuck in a self-sabotaging rut… and intuitively sense that there must be an easier way to reclaim your power.

    🌀 You’re hooked on fads, quick fixes and self-help programs with results that never stick… and even if they do “something” still feels like it’s missing.

    🌀 You wish to feel radiant in your body… and aren’t afraid to admit you're excited to feel sexy naked. 

    🌀 You’re discouraged from trying to go at it alone… and seek a supportive community of uplifting sisters to help you stay focused, accountable and excited about your intentions, goals and dreams.

    🌀 You’re ready to reignite fulfillment, freedom, and joy… so that the health and happiness of all areas of your life can shine!

    Wake up, beautiful - it’s time.

    A long time ago in a world far, far away you were led down an enchanting road. 

    Along the way the guiding light of your intuition was slowly dimmed and your joyous spark began to fade.

    You were taught to suffocate your body’s voice...beneath other people’s standards and expectations.

    You were trained to armor up your heart’s radiant chasing down shiny trophies and accolades.

    You were rewarded for burying your soul’s precious order to validate the worth of your one magnificent, miraculous life.

    So it’s no surprise that the “success” you wear on the outside is a mere mask for how you secretly wish you truly felt about yourself on the inside.

    I feel you, too.

    But it’s not your fault. 

    The good news is that the pain and struggles of the road behind you hold the power to illuminate the path before you.

    And, it’s an adventure you don’t have to embark on alone.

    Freedom, ease and magic await you, my would be an honor to show you the way.


    GOT QUESTIONS? Text me at (954) 873 0778

    Are you *honestly* 100% ready to take ACTION? 

    You'll know when you are because you'll stop talking about what you wish you had (and stop complaining about what you don't want) and actually start taking real-life steps to create it.

    * invest in yourself

    * get support and guidance

    * do the work -- one day and one baby step at a time

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