Kenwa Li Newell

Kenwa Li Newell

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IIn Dance-

I have been a professional cboreographer, dancer and dance instructor for 35 years.

I have performed in multiple Indian Dance and Dance Theatre companies for 20 years. My styles range from classical forms of Indian dance to contemporary Bollywood styles to regional folk dances.. I have also professionally choreographed numerous events and shows in the styles of ballet, modern, hip hop, swing, country dance, big band, Ballroom, and other various styles. i have a diverse background in multiple other forms of dance ( ballet, modern, hip hop, funk, swing, Armenian and other styles). I've performed in several modern , Persian and Ballet companies as well.

I'm also a yoga teacher of 20 years and taught for NASA for 8 years. I'm a holistic nutritional advisor and bring vast knowledge of both the human body and how to bring out the best in dancers while keeping them healthy.

As a dancer , you will learn not only unique choreography. You will learn how to emote expressively through your dance, to tell the story and magnetize your audience to go on your performance journey with you.

You'll also learn proper stretching techniques and nutritional guidelines- to support your optimum health as a dancer, and prevent injury.

n Theatre-

I have performed as a classical actor throughout my life. Moved on to directing classical theatre and also becoming a theatrical fight director.

The relish and power of the spoken word is a dwindling art. It is profoundly empowering to revive, preserve and reactivate its potency though classical training work. This work not only improves one's skills as a performer- it carries over into one's entire life. It is grounding , focusing and centering. One of the most effective methods for governing oneself and energizing one's performances

I love getting people fired up about the work, Whether onstage as an actor or a dancier! It infuses people with joy and the celebration of life. And it empowers people to express themselves in a bold and healthy way! And through both, one may come to know him or herself more deeply. " Temet Nosce".


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    Tricia P.

    Kenwa is a highly intuitive and gifted healer. She knew so many things about my life and experiences. During our session, I was able to release so much trauma and physical pain from my body. I actually went into a deep sleep during the session which was tremendously healing. I feel lighter and healthier after working with her and look forward to working with her again.
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    February 19, 2023

    Kate K.

    Firstly, Kenwa has so much integrity.
    Second….she is an amazing teacher - the best - she’s incredibly smart and knowledgeable - and funny - and makes her classes so joyous! She teaches for all levels and really connects with the students one on one.
    As an event planner and yoga studio manager, I highly recommend Kenwa to teach or to lead an event. She puts her heart and soul into it and that comes through in the experience.
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    February 19, 2023

    Frequently asked questions

    1st I like to get a sense of where the student is - what their previous background and training are. I listen and observe- learn about who they are, and what their focus is regarding the path of their artistic work.

    Then i have an idea of how to choreograph for them. What style will best highlight their character, their strengths and support them in feeling both confident and strong in expressing themselves through their dance.

    35 years professional experience as a dancer, choreographer and dance instructor.

    Masters degree in dance

    Yes. It varies depending on the type of training and whether the student  prefers one on one classes or a group setring

    Services offered

    Voice Acting
    Public Speaking
    Film Production
    Wedding Dance