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Patricia W.

Shannon has helped me kick my sugar habit and has motivated me to work out. She is energetic and caring. But, tough!
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July 18, 2018

Tannaz N.

I signed up to train with Shannon when I finally came to the realization that I needed some help with creating a healthier lifestyle. I have a lot of exercise videos and equipment at home, but we all know that means nothing without committed motivation. That is definitely where Shannon fits in. She oozes positivity, inspiration, and health and fitness knowledge. I have had 7 session with Shannon so far, and this is what I can say for sure:
Shannon makes sure that I am doing each exercise correctly, and explains the proper technique to make sure that I do not hurt myself!
With each new exercise she introduces, she explains what parts of the body it works, and watches to make sure that I am doing them correctly.
I have seen improvements in my physical strength and have pushed myself harder than what I thought I could be capable of.
My sessions are always challenging, yet Shannon respects my limitations. She also really listens, which means that my workouts are customized specially for me with exactly what I want to work on.
Shannon never allows me to get down on myself when I miss a workout or have a cheat day (or two). She is teaching me to live without guilt and that is a big one.
Shannon’s enthusiasm is infectious!! And dont let her big biceps intimidate you! She is super down to earth, with a giant, kind heart and to top it off, she is totally hilarious! Plus, she is super accommodating with scheduling appointments. I have zero hesitation in recommending Shannon to any of my friends.
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July 08, 2018

Izzy B.

She is super easy to connect with right off the bat, hilarious, and a super caring and comprehensive trainer. I always look forward to working out with her and I’d recommend her to pretty much anyone.
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June 19, 2018

Philip S.

Shannons programs are well planned out and thoughtful. The descriptions of the exercises are really great. Shannon is very thorough and really helpful when I had questions or concerns. I definitely recommend Shannon.
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June 16, 2018

Helen W.

Shannon is awesome. She is fun, motivating, challenging and knows her stuff. She tailors her programs to your specific needs and really listens to what you’re trying to achieve. She made the training sessions really enjoyable, and I never thought I’d say that about working out! The schedules she produces are easy to follow and full of helpful information. She not only focuses on results, but the journey she takes with you to get you to that point
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shannon to anyone!
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June 15, 2018

Hannah T.

I work out a fair amount but never saw any weight loss results, and Shannon advised me to changed my diet. Under her coaching, support and knowledge, I lost 10 pounds in the first month and have since lost ~18 pounds!
Shannon brings a great attitude and spirit, she is just fun to be around! I could not have transformed my body and mind without her!
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June 11, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I offer a 12 week weight loss coaching program as well as semi-private strength training classes in person at my gym in Belmont. When I first start working with a client, we will have an initial consultation to determine their goals, experience & any restrictions they may have. The consult will either be over zoom, if doing my weight loss program or in person at the gym. 

I have been a health & fitness coach for 3 years but have been lifting weights for the last 25 years. I have also been a soccer player my whole life & am now a soccer coach for local AYSO teams. Coaching in all forms is a passion of mine as I really enjoy helping people learn new skills, sharpen old ones & have a blast doing it! 

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