How much does a life coach cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does a life coach cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does a life coach cost?

$50 – $225per hour
$400 – $1,400monthly package (4 – 8 sessions)

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$50 – $225 per hour

$400 – $1,400 monthly package (4 – 8 sessions)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Life coach cost

A life coach charges $50 to $225 per hour on average. Monthly life coach prices are $400 to $1,400 for 4 to 8 sessions. Long-term life coaching rates are $1,600 to $6,400 for weekly or bi-weekly sessions over 3 to 6 months. Business coaching costs $350 to $500+ hourly.

Life coach cost
Service Average cost
Hourly rate $50 – $225
Monthly package (4 sessions total) $400 – $700
Monthly package (8 sessions total) $800 – $1,400
Long-term package (3 – 6 months) $1,600 – $6,400

A life coach listening to a client.
A life coach listening to a client.
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Life coaching fees and packages

Life coaching rates per hour

Life coaching costs $50 to $225+ per hour, depending on the coach's location, level of training, and areas of expertise. Coaches who work with clients on an as-needed basis tend to charge per session.

Executive-level life coaches with more than 10 years of experience cost $350 to $500 per hour or more.

Life coach hourly rate by coaching level
Level Average cost per hour
Entry-level coach $50 – $125
Mid-level coach $125 – $225
Specialized coach $225 – $350
Business coaching for managers & teams $350 – $500+

Monthly life coach prices

Prices for monthly life coaching are $400 to $1,400 per package which includes 4 to 8 private sessions. Most monthly life coaching packages can offer journaling exercises, personality assessments, and even email or phone check-ins for extra support.

Monthly life coach rates
Total sessions per month Average cost
4 hourly sessions $400 – $700
8 hourly sessions $800 – $1,400
8 sessions of 90 minutes + messaging $1,400 – $2,200

Long-term life coaching packages

An average long-term life coaching package costs $1,600 to $6,400 for 3 to 6 months. Ongoing mentoring programs are available with customizations for each client. Long-term life coaching supports people through significant changes and helps establish new routines.

Long-term coaching packages
Duration (months) Average cost*
3 $1,600 – $3,200
6 $3,200 – $6,400
12 $6,400 – $12,800

*For weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

An excited woman celebrates her success.
An excited woman celebrates her success.

Factors that influence the cost of a life coach

A life coach's training and experience will affect life coaching costs.

Fees also vary depending on:

  • Coaching type – Personal life coaching is typically cheaper than business coaching due to the differences in education credentials. Coaches with expertise in areas like nutrition or fitness also charge more.

  • In-person vs. online – Coaching online costs $50 to $100 per session minimum for up to an hour. In-person sessions cost extra due to office rent or travel fees.

  • Continued support – Ongoing phone or email communication beyond regular sessions, like daily or weekly check-ins, typically costs extra. Some coaches offer urgent check-ins at premium rates for calls outside of standard business hours.

  • Discounts & package deals – Cheaper rates are available when you make long-term coaching commitments.

  • Private vs. group sessions – Group coaching is typically 30% cheaper than private coaching sessions. However, people get less personal attention.

  • Qualifications & experience – Highly experienced coaches typically charge more than new ones. A coach with several degrees or certifications charges even higher fees.

  • Location – Major cities or affluent areas have higher coaching rates due to the regional cost of living differences.

  • Frequency & duration – Extra-long sessions come at premium prices. Sessions more than twice a week will also have a higher cost per month.

  • Exclusive content access – Some coaches offer unique access to courses or bonus materials for their clients.

A life coach giving a client a high-five to celebrate achieving a goal.
A life coach giving a client a high-five to celebrate achieving a goal.

Life coaching benefits

The biggest benefits of life coaching include:

Get free estimates from life coaches near you.
  • Motivation – Ongoing sessions are a source of inspiration, propelling clients forward with greater enthusiasm.

  • Stress reduction – Coaches show tools to manage and reduce stress by helping individuals prioritize, organize their time, and set healthy boundaries.

  • Accountability – Regular check-ins with a coach will keep you focused on your commitments to avoid procrastination.

  • Improved confidence – Coaches can boost an individual's self-esteem through celebrating achievements and recognizing strengths.

  • Work-life balance – A coach leads you to find a balance between work, personal life, and self-care for a greater sense of overall well-being.

  • Unbiased feedback – Coaches have a more objective perspective than friends or family that helps to point out blind spots or new possibilities.

  • Personal growth – Individuals often experience accelerated personal development and self-awareness with a coach to highlight their progress.

  • Better decision-making – Coaches provide strategies to help clients make informed decisions that fully support their goals and values.

  • Clarity & focus – A life coach helps clients define their aspirations and vision for their future, bringing clarity to their goals.

  • Skill development – A life coach trains clients to practice developing skills like communication, leadership, and time management.

  • Overcome obstacles – Coaches create customized strategies to meet challenges, change limiting beliefs, and move past personal barriers.

Life coach FAQs

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a personal instructor focused on showing you how to reach your personal and professional goals. Life coaches use positive psychology methods to enhance your growth and self-awareness as you progress toward your highest potential.

Are life coaches worth it?

A life coach is worth it if you need guidance to find the most fulfilling direction for you, accountability, and support to achieve your personal or professional ambitions. This private mentoring helps you to use your strengths, choose goals, and make changes that are difficult to make on your own.

What is the difference between a therapist and a life coach?

The main difference between a therapist and a life coach is that a therapist has strict legal requirements to practice, typically including a state license and master's degree. Life-coach training is unregulated. Life coaches have no minimum requirement, and each coach has different strengths.

Does insurance cover life coaching?

Most insurance policies don't offer coverage for life coaching, so you must pay for sessions in full. Some coaches offer payment plans, discounted fees for special circumstances, or group coaching for cheaper costs per person.

However, your health insurance may cover sessions from a life coach who's also a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. Many nationwide health insurance plans must offer coverage for emergency mental health care from a licensed therapist.

How do I know if a life coach is certified?

You'll know if a life coach is certified by checking for credentials like:

  • The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) training

  • Degrees in nutrition and health if they include dietary recommendations

  • The International Coach Federation (ICF) certification

  • Degrees in psychology, human services, communication, or counseling

Remember to also review their training, testimonials, and professional references for further validation.

How do I find a life coach?

Find the best life coaching service by browsing online coaching directories, asking your friends for referrals, or searching for a life coach near you on Lessons.

Consider these factors:

  • Look for the best life coaches experienced in reaching your specific goals.

  • For executive coaching, seek out those with a master's degree in your field.

  • Ask if they get ongoing education or refresher courses.

  • Request a contract with the payment schedule and terms of service.

  • Be cautious about hiring the cheapest or the most expensive coach because the price isn't always the best indicator of the quality of their services.

Questions to ask

Ask the following questions before hiring a life coach:

  • How long have you been coaching clients on skills for overall life improvement?

  • Do you provide online or only in-person sessions?

  • What is your coaching specialty or area of focus?

  • Can you offer discounted payment plans for people with financial challenges?

  • Do you have a reference list of previous clients I can talk to?

  • How can you help me if I find it challenging to define my goals?

  • Do you offer package deals for long-term commitments?

  • What is your educational and training background?

  • Do you have any coaching certifications?

  • How long are the sessions that you offer?

  • Can I reach out after sessions for clarification?

  • Do you assign tasks like reading or journaling?

  • How can I see my progress?

  • What are your cancellation and refund policies?

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