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Offers online services
Offers online services


I teach simple, yet extremely effective methods of meditation. I focus on relaxation, stillness, and silence, to achieve a clear and calm state of mind. I spent the last 4 years studying and practicing with devotion and diligence. Along the way, I discovered some profound methods that set strong foundations, so that when one experiences the more blissful and beautiful states of meditation, they are able to maintain them and progress quickly. In the beginning, there is some hard work... but the wondrous benefits are well worth the effort!

My specialty is with beginners. We all know how difficult it is to sit with ourselves at first. Once we start to get it down in the proper way, the momentum builds up, causing a snowball effect into deeper, longer meditations. The benefits are endless, and it becomes so easy, so pleasant to sit meditation once you have the right tools.


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Offers online services


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Julia H.

Mark is my favorite meditation leader. He is very engaged, inspired, and connected to our universe. He guided me through one of the best meditations I have done in my two years of practice. I felt more than calm, but at peace with myself and my surroundings. I felt connected to him and the beautiful community we share. My body, mind, and soul felt rejuvenated after our session together. If you are looking for a supportive, loving, and kind meditation teacher, I would highly recommend Mark !!! He is awesome !!
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May 14, 2021


Grace A.

I think the question should be what did I NOT like about working with the mind coach, because truthfully I loved every second! I have only positive feedback for this review. First I would like to acknowledge how patient Mark himself is as a person. The way he interacts and works with you, you truly feel that he is working with you directly and giving you 100% of his time and effort. Second, I would like to acknowledge Marks passion for truly helping others connect with themselves at their core. He has only the purest of intentions towards making the world a better place spreading love and positivity with every moment he breaths. Amazing person to say the least.
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May 12, 2021


Alanna C.

Extremely grateful to have Mark as my personal mind coach. He has been nothing but incredible along with inspiring me with his words to become more mindful in my daily life. While being guided through meditation, I find myself going deeper and finding inner peace. The body scan technique is something I really enjoy during his meditations!
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May 12, 2021


Morgan Z.

Extremely knowledgeable on mediation and the mind. He showed me a few very effective methods that helped me get into deep meditations. He knows his stuff and is a great teacher!
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May 10, 2021


Victor C.

Aside from being a loyal friend. Ive known Mark for over a year and long before he started this, he devoted himself to the craft and knows his way till this day. Hes personally helped me alot since moving to Florida and Im eternally grateful. Thank you
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May 09, 2021


Daniel M.

I love the perspective and value these talks bring to my life. From simple mediational tips, to move advances techniques of bringing happiness and overall success to one’s life. Highly recommend!
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May 09, 2021

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TM meditation weekend retreat

10-day Vipassana meditation retreats

consistent daily meditation practice - 3 years

$40 per hour session

$110 for 3 sessions

$180 for 5 sessions

My friends saw how I was changing and how I was able to meditate consistently and they wanted me to share how I did so, which birthed the start of this teaching carreer.

All ages, mostly beginner meditators.

Make sure they have ample experience in meditation - they have meditated, preferably, well over a thousand hours. People who solely study meditation don't have experiential wisdom, only knowledge.

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