Hearing Is Believing

Hearing Is Believing

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have made it my personal mission to teach students relationship with the instrument while allowing creativity, exploration, humor, and fun into my student’s piano lessons.

My students

· Learn to build a relationship with the piano by playing simple songs with understanding

· Review and retain all lessons by playing songs that applies learned theory

· Get all the benefits that science has shown piano instruction provides including increased academic performance, higher IQs, etc. And to top it off, this is all done in an encouraging and positive environment

· Are able to play their favorite songs and understand the theory behind them

· Learn how to read sheet music after an relationship is built with the instrument


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14 years in business
Serves Snellville , GA
Offers online services

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General introduction, Recording, Mixing, Editing, Mastering


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Student has no software preference, Logic Pro X, Pro tools, Ableton, FL studio

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  • Reviews

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    Tamara E.

    Everett is a very responsive person. Talk about his work! Everett worked on my first ever New Single that just released in December 2020🎶 and wow he did an amazing job! He’s very professional at what he does and truly do it from the heart. Everett is the man and I would truly recommend Everett.
    Jan 11, 2021
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    February 10, 2021

    Lynnette W.

    My sons teacher is Everett and he is an amazing piano teacher! My son was losing interest in the piano and once we switched to Everett, my son has done a 360 ! He loves the piano again! Everett makes it fun while teaching at the same time!
    Jan 14, 2021
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    February 10, 2021

    Alisha M.

    My son has truly loved learning the piano since working with Mr. Hagans. He has shown so much growth in his ability to play the piano as well as understanding music.
    Jan 14, 2021
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    February 10, 2021

    Regina H.

    I have had the pleasure of witnessing and also listening to the magnificent musical talents of Mr. Everett Hagans. He is a skilled musician and the passion he has for music exuberates in every keystroke. The way he… see more
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    January 02, 2020

    Charles B.

    For most of my adult life I have desired to learn how to play the piano. Something always got in the way of beginning, whether it was lack of time due to other more pressing commitments requiring my attention or just never having met the instructor who seemed to be as excited about teaching me piano as I was excited to learn.
    Well, I’ve resolved both those issues. Retirement has afforded the time, and I’ve found Everett Hagans to be my equally excited (and talented) instructor.
    Everett knows how much information a student at my stage of development can process and practice between lessons. For that reason, I never feel overwhelmed during my lessons even though he always introduces some new concept or technique for me to chew on that challenges me and reminds me that I’ve only just begun this wonderful musical journey.
    I know that I’m steadily learning my instrument. I also know that I’m learning from the ground up. Everett had me to focus first on learning the key structure (A-G) so that it has become second nature. Practicing the major scales has become a part of my daily routine. I’m working on reading sheet music; I know how to form major and minor chords; I’ve started playing with both hands and I can play a few songs. I know that there are other scales to learn in addition to the Ionian or Major scale which will one day add diversity to my ability to play. I feel as though my education on the piano is much deeper and more fundamental than that which most piano students receive, and I appreciate it very much.
    My instructor has persuaded me that there is enormous benefit to be derived from committing to learn the instrument from the ground up. I’m getting a solid and firm foundation on the piano. I don’t want to be able to hunt and peck out a few songs but have no real depth or comprehension of the instrument. If that’s all I wanted, I’m pretty sure Everett would not have agreed to teach me. I know that the instruction I’m receiving now will be extremely valuable later on and it will enhance the personal enjoyment I get as I see my ability to play improving while I continue my piano education.
    The piano is not an easy instrument to learn. It takes dedication and perseverance. If it’s your intention to learn the piano, you need someone who can teach you and encourage you simultaneously. Everett is just what the doctor ordered.
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    January 02, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    I typically introduce them to the piano allowing them to see the instrument as a whole. This approach allows them to see the patterns, hear the sounds and feel the instrument. This makes the instrument less intimating to most.
    My dad is a musician so all my life I heard music. I formally started taking lessons when I was 11 years old and never turned back. My teacher at the time graduated from Georgia Southen University with a degree in performance. He also studied abroad and spent time in Germany where he learned many techniques that contribute to my approach to teaching. I begin after lessons playing for my church then later move to Atlanta Georgia where I had several opportunities to play for larger churches which put me in contact with my next teacher which took my playing to the next level. When I studied with my second teacher he taught me how to play by ear which helped me bridge the gap. Understanding what you playing is far more important than how you play it. Let me help you understand it with a trial lesson.
    I do have a standard price. People normally stay dedicated when they have skin in the game.
    I enjoyed the process when my teacher taught me and soaked up everything and wanted more. If he could do that for me I wanted to give that same feeling to someone else.
    I have worked with students that were beginners all the way up to retired professionals. Those that were willing to learn got just what they need and came back for more.
    There was a kid that went to my church and he was very shy. I introduced him to the drums just like I have to many others. I had no idea that this kid would move to another state with his family and then began playing for his church. His mom tells me because I did what I did he gather the confidence to do what he does.
    Never approach piano with the mindset that says I have been here before I know how teachers teach and I know what to expect. Remember every needs a far shot. Every teacher is raised in a different environment. That being the case their personal experiences determine why and how they teacher. So see how they work for you.
    Have I done everything that I'm asked which will give me the foundation which is need for me to branch out. Understand that your teacher has your best interest at heart. So don't get offended if they say your not ready.

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