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Confidence Coaching


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You are stronger than you think. 

But it's easier to remember "not measuring up" or "that time you choked" INSTEAD OF all those times you were brave.

All those times you passed your own test (which we always make too hard on ourselves) with flying colors.

Letting your own colors fly, feeling at home in yourself, that feeling is called FLOW. I help people find their flow. 

I am in my flow when I’m onstage acting, performing poetry I’ve written, walking the runway as a model, or sitting on my floor collaging words and images together into a mystery that is just for me.

I have taught:





Public Speaking

Auditioning for Theatre, TV and Film 

All of those lessons are available, I have professional experience in all of those fields and I give excellent help and feedback.

But what I really do is help you be comfortable in your own body and voice.

I help you be patient with the way you might resist your own success, I help you stay with your source, instead of listening to hard to the fear-voices we all have in our heads. 

Every person has a different fear-voice. I want to root yours out.

Let me know what you might be interested in trying, I look forward to working and flow-finding together! 

I love:

Identifying the strengths of the person I’m coaching, which I communicate in a way they can hear, feel, and start to use.

Then, the best part:

I get to watch that person transform, from not believing into trusting themselves, I get to see people wake up into their own greatness, it’s always different and it’s always gorgeous.

I work with students young and old, whether you’re trying something out for the first time or looking to evolve as an experienced professional. 

Here’s a breakdown of the categories I coach:

ACTING: Theatre and TV/Film

I’ve been happily hooked on acting since I was a kid and I’ve been working professionally my whole adult life. Performing allows you to transcend everything the world says you are and even fear itself. 

Audition Monologues/Sides/Scene study/

Audition help/Memorization work/Focus

Accents and Heightened Characters

General Advice (how to get started or level up)

Experience in: Comedy/clown, tragic roles and absurdist work, movement work and character creation, commercial work and film. Devised work, mask, show design.

I’ve been “the talent” and also the person who casts/produces/writes/directs the show, so I’ll be bringing that knowledge into the room too!


Modeling helps me own my presence and personal power.

Many people routinely apologize (externally and internally) or they advertise mistakes no one would see otherwise.

I can teach you how to stand in your own space and feel rooted, to discover where you hold tension, and how to relax yourself so you can “get the shot” or simply feel comfortable in public when people look your way.

How to move on camera (without over-compensating)

Body image concerns or questions 

Runway walks


Working with photographers

My own experience in the industry and keeping it all in perspective

My experience/portfolio

WRITING:Formal or Creative


Generating material 

Sculpting the Story/Finding your through line 

Active voice

Getting out of your own way (it’s hard and worth it)

Formal Writing Professional Experience:

Marketing copy/Online content/Cover letters/Pitches/Essays/Press releases/That letter or confession/apology you need to write but are avoiding because it’s emotionally painful 

On the creative side:

Scripts for plays and episodes for TV/Short stories/Poems/One minute plays and ten minute plays and plays with no words because the movement serves as the text


I’ve been the spokeswoman for brands before, given speeches or emcee’d events, and I love helping people work on and discern:

What really needs to be said (instead of pages of throat clearing)

How to start

Building your case/Unraveling your feeling

Timing in performance

Audience awareness

Nerves and Fear

Making a dry and boring subject…FUN.


I’ve always written small poems but started to perform larger pieces with performance elements a couple years ago and I’m loving it still. If you need to write a poem or just want to think in that vein I can help, I’ll work on:

Freeing your wild voice

Telling your truth in a way that makes you feel incredible

Increasing intimacy in your writing

Noticing/Observing surroundings and paradoxes in a way that gives weight to your words

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