Dexterity Nutrition

Dexterity Nutrition

Offers online services
Offers online services


We offer training for adults and youths not for the waste of time but for breaking limits. Way before I was born my family was all around athelets on both sides so being pushed beyond limits was always apart of life. When covid become popular to the United States, everyone was hit at angle that wasn't totally expected them people began to desire ways of more determination for structure, strength, discipline, and keeping active became very serious especially for those parent(s) who needed activities for their children or for themselves to gain skills and execute goals (I too am a parent as well so I know how things can be) and the best thing about this is it is not just way of keeping busy it has levels, steps, accomplishments. This is one of the best ways of making progress but how do we do that? Call or text to find out

The best thing about life is not to look down upon anyone but look up with them the only time to look down is to help lift some one up. It is awesome to be able to teach and see others do well and soar in life to be great that what we strive for here that is what makes this enjoyable.


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Offers online services

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Seeing where a student/trainee is at on any level is mostly important so we do two kinds of test one is a short and quick written test and the other one is based off of  progress in the process so critique as we go to sharpen and but to be more sharp. The reason why we go about in this approach is to show you where you came from to where you are but to remind you also when you why you started when times get tough

This team has the diversity of firm Law enforcement officers some restired and some active, personal trainers ISSA CERT, NASAM CERT, Combat instructors of all branch's of the military. 

Standard Package- 59.99$ 



Ultimate premium 109.99$

I have always had a willingness to teach and it kicked off 2013

We do not try to keep anyone out, we have worked with a diversity of people. It just depends on where the student is at level wise, for example if a child has autism (depending on how server) we will like to take the extra steps we need to take to make sure the child is squared away and in tune before releasing extra lessons to them. 


Don't afraid of the truth embrace it and Be willing to learn, when you are willing to learn what does that do? Is a question for you

When one is willing to teach any question can be asked, but I would say ask your teaching how can I depend on you, will you not fail me by the knowledge you give, can my family trust you, are you. Ever scared of anything, would you have my back  even if I am wrong so you can bring me to clarity so I can be right and not wrong, do you love, do you hate, 

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