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  • Train's Combat Roshambo

    Train's Combat Roshambo

    Rockville, MD 20851

    5.0 2

    I offer a unique view into combat sports where you truly learn. You learn about your strengths and weakness and quickly improve your technique and conditioning. 

  • The Rowland Fitness & Fighting Method

    The Rowland Fitness & Fighting Method

    Takoma Park, MD 20912

    The amount of care I put into each & EVERY client as individuals. I carefully craft individualized lesson plans to maximize each client and the differences they need to achieve our goals

  • Crawford Training And Fitness

    Crawford Training And Fitness

    Laurel, MD 20707

    5.0 1

    Crawford Training and Fitness, An Elite Laurel Maryland Boxing and Martial Arts Training Facility.. Train at the most diverse martial arts facility in Maryland. At Crawford Training and Fitness, you can find world-class instruction. Our training curriculum teaches you the foundation of elite martial arts training, ranging from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Non-Classical Gung Fu. Crawford Training and Fitness is owned by lifelong martial artist and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Robert Crawford. Crawford Training and Fitness is easily accessible from thr

  • New World Mixed Martial Arts

    New World Mixed Martial Arts

    Philadelphia, PA 19138

    5.0 1

    ABOUT OUR FAMILY Welcome to New World MMA, Boxing, and Fitness, your first, best destination for a premier kickboxing school in Montgomery County, Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas. Our trainers teach a wide variety of mixed martial arts and fitness programs all in one convenient place, ensuring that you have access to the finest techniques and tools to help you build a better you. Just a few of our services include... MMA Instruction Kickboxing Wrestling Catch Wrestling Fitness Jiu Jitsu Muay Thai Bootcamps Weight Loss Kids Boxing

  • Hogan Karate International

    Hogan Karate International

    Jacksonville, FL 32226

    Specialize in Kyusho Jitsu (pressure point fighting) and Small Circle Jujitsu. Oriented primarily to self defense. I have been studying martial arts for over 50 years. Inducted into many martial arts hall of fames. Two Legend Grandmaster Awards as well as many others.  I teach seminars all over the world and have taught from western Canada all the way to India.

  • Bobby Luca Boxing, Conditioning And Martial Arts Lessons.
  • Level UP Revolution  Inc.

    Level UP Revolution Inc.

    Orlando, FL 32803

    I offer a wide range of Martial Arts and Combat classes Boxing High-intensity interval training workout to sculpt your body and burn calories for either the ring, or looking good at the beach. ------------- Muay Thai Teach the powerful strikes of punching, elbows, knees, kicks, ring evasion and angles natural to this system of fighting from Thailand. ---------------------------------- Viking A modern adaption based off comprehension and study of historical techniques using a sword and shield style and based off martial and bio-mechanical knowledge. ---------------------------------- Jeet Kun

  • Korean American Martial Arts Academy

    Korean American Martial Arts Academy

    Orlando, FL 32812

    5.0 1

    Master Nelson shares over 40 years of Martial Arts experience and is the areas ONLY official 8th Dan Taekwondo & Hapkido Instructor in Central Florida. A retired US Army Captain, multiple combat injured Veteran, former FLEO, and BSN-RN, Master Nelson is certified at the Korean World HQ's and recognized around the world for his expertise and leadership in Korean Martial Arts. Master Nelson looks forward to and takes pride in producing the absolute best Martial Arts practitioners in the world! 

  • Progressive Fighting Center

    Progressive Fighting Center

    Pompano Beach, FL 33065

    5.0 4

     Teen and Adult Martial Arts Program's primary goal is to help you develop a healthy life and teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones, while providing a safe training environment. As a member you'll be introduced to progressive categories of training. These categories include empty hand training; including striking, stand-up grappling, and ground fighting; as well as weapon training in stick and knife tactics. As you find success in this training not only do your survival skills improve, but your confidence will grow. An increase in your confidence is immeasurable and will p

  • Hb's Combat And Fitness Systems

    Hb's Combat And Fitness Systems

    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319

    5.0 1

    I offer a personal step by step guide to meeting fitness needs thru combat systems. I employ a wide arrange of methods and martial arts including muy Thai , boxing ,functional movement training, weight lifting  And calisthenics to combine into an effective training system to help turn anybody to a stronger powerful athlete erikson hotboi lopes on facebook and  @hbtehuti_ on I.g 

  • The Gung-Fu Institute Of Miami

    The Gung-Fu Institute Of Miami

    Miami, FL 33165

    5.0 3

    Sifu Jay Montalvo of the The Gung Fu Institute of Miami is an active certified instructor of the Inosanto International Association of Martial Art Instructors (IIAMAI) with 15yrs of training experience.  The institute focuses all aspects of empty-handed and weaponized training.   Believing in a well-rounded approach to martial art training, it looks to punching, kicking, trapping, grappling, well as the bladed-weaponry arts with emphasis on conditioning to maintain total combat readiness.  A student can expect to train in Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD, Western Boxin

  • American Instinct Martial Arts And Fitness

    American Instinct Martial Arts And Fitness

    Miami, FL 33186

    5.0 1

    Our business stands out amongst other schools because while we offer a very traditional approach to the martial arts we also incorporate that with the forever evolving mixture of different styles. We offer a well structured curriculum for our students to learn a system of self defense for any given situation. Whether on your feet, ground, clinch etc. 

  • XS Martial Arts Dojo

    XS Martial Arts Dojo

    New Orleans, LA 70125

    XS Martial Arts Dojo is a family-run school with a focus on reinforcing family values. The atmosphere at our school creates friendship, camaraderie, support, accomplishment and team spirit. And we train even the youngest members of your family, ages three and up, because we believe the family that kicks together sticks together! XS Martial Arts Dojo has been offering instruction and training in martial arts since 2002. Located in New Orleans, LA, XS Martial Arts Dojo has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts. Ma-KiBo-Karate Do MA-KIBO-KARATE-DO® (The way of Martial

  • USA National Taekwondo And Fitness

    USA National Taekwondo And Fitness

    Mesquite, TX 75150

    5.0 2

    I'm a passionate martial artist that strives for disciplined training through Taekwondo and fitness.  I'm an assistant national team coach for Team USA and travel the world seeking knowledge both in sport and art.  I'm willing to teach and train anyone who has the desire to improve oneself and go to highest level in competition and training in general. 

  • S2 Strategic Defense

    S2 Strategic Defense

    Midlothian, TX 76065

    S2 Strategic Defense is leading source for Personal Defense training. We work with Law Enforcement, Corporate, and Civilian personnel on a variety of topics that include: - Self Defense Training - Edged/Impact Weapons - Firearms - Active Shooter/Workplace Safety - Martial Arts programs in Jeet Kune Do and Kali - And more Our services have brought us into 16 states and 4 countries, with dozens of international publications, and some of most elite training groups.  You can view more info on us online at: website online courses S2 Strategic Defense o



    Fort Worth, TX 76102


  • Mousel's Mixed Martial Arts Academy

    Mousel's Mixed Martial Arts Academy

    Houston, TX 77002

    Mousel's Self-Defense Academy has been bringing Houston the very best in martial arts instruction since 1990. Although our techniques are based on century old knowledge, it is our application of that knowledge that sets MSDA apart. We realize that each of you possess different natural abilities; size and strength will vary from person to person, etc. That is why once that you have acquired a strong foundation and ability in the basics, our program is individualized to match you physical capabilities in order to maximize your self defense skills. Should the need ever arise you will possess a fi

  • United Tae Kwon Do, LLC

    United Tae Kwon Do, LLC

    Katy, TX 77450

    5.0 30

    Certified 7th degree Black belt privately trained by 3 Korean Grand Masters. 40 years experience. Teaching the ITF patterns from Gen Choi Hong Hi. I will commit myself to your martial arts success with every class. 

    Best of 2018
  • The Void Martial Arts

    The Void Martial Arts

    Austin, TX 78745

    5.0 1

    We offer training in a wide variety of martial arts and sports performance. Most athletes would have to train at 3 different gyms to get a focus in technique, fitness, recovery/injury prevention/mind coaching. We offer all these things under one roof.

  • Team Cobra MMA

    Team Cobra MMA

    San Antonio, TX 78239

    Greetings, My name is Rich Brown. I am the head coach for Team Cobra MMA. I am an active fighter and compete in various combat sports. I have over 12 years of experience in: Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and several other disciplines. I have an eye for detail and am passionate about what I do. I can improve your skill set, it's as simple as that. I focus on the mental aspects of martial arts, take a scientific approach, and dedicate myself to each student's personal progress. I lead by example, use positive reinforcement to motivate and encourage my students. If you are

  • Roy Harris In-Home Lessons

    Roy Harris In-Home Lessons

    San Diego, CA 92104

    I provide a wide range of clients personalize instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali / Eskrima / Ilustrisimo, Self-Defense and Functional Fitness. Here are some example:  I have clients ages from 13 to 74. I teach clients in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside counties.  I have self-defense only clients, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu only clients, Jeet Kune Do only clients and functional fitness only clients.  I ask my clients what they seek and I give them what they ask for. If they don’t know wha they want, I start them off

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