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Offers online services
Offers online services


Sweat & Heal has that unique oppertunity for you to dive in with one on one yoga instructor and meditation guru Meghan Jensen. With her 9 years of experience teaching, and 18 years of practicing; She will help you to heal from anything using her 6 specialized categories of yoga and a more recent focus on truama informed yoga and meditation. Together, you will use these ancient practices to get stronger mentally and physically. You will learn overtime the deeper meaning of meditation, (with a specific focus on Vipassana) and how to use this to gain better control over your life, and manifest all that you want. I am certified RYT yoga teacher in the following areas:

Chakra yoga, restorative yoga for athletes and injuries, prenatal yoga, senior yoga for elders, childrens yoga, & trauma informed yoga therapy. I am also trained in chakra and vipassana meditation.

As a yoga and meditation lover/practitioner, it is my job to share my love and knowlegde that I have gathered over the past two decades and teach them to anyone who is opened to recieveing that. I love what I do for a living because I use yoga and meditation in my daily personal life to manifest everything I do. I even help my amazing clients manifest what they truly want in life too! It is one of my greatest blessings in this life!


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    My typical process for working with students is to always keep things open minded and based on each individuals needs. I always want to know about what my student is hoping to gain first and foremost out of any lesson with me. I will send you my price per session, tell you about my certification and training specialties; and set up a first lesson and meeting in person/by phone with you. I look forward to meeting all types of new students that want to gain better peace of mind and clarity through breath work, yoga, and or meditation lessons with me. In a first meet up, we will discuss what you are comfortable with and how I can best help you practice some yoga techniques and breath work suited for what you tell me you need! You can also email me me at [email protected] about my location and or setting up an outside space weather permitted.  

    I am registered and certified in yoga at the 200hr + level by the Yoga Alliance. I have been certified to teach for 10 years. I have been practicing yoga for 18 years and began at age 11. I have taught at places like Boston Sports Club, children's childcare centers, and one on one with many walks of lives and people of all ages and ability. 

    $25/half hour session. 

    $45/hour session

    $65/session. 90 mins

    I got started when I was 18 years old! I discovered a woman by the name of Robin, who was running RYT yoga teacher trainings in Tewksbury Massachusetts. I was just out of high school and realized how drawn I was to helping people learn to love and heal their mind and bodies with yoga. It helped heal my body and nourish my mind and spirit from the age of 11 years old when I took my first lesson. The ironic part of my story is that when I found the woman that trained me to teach yoga, she was the same woman I took my very first yoga lesson with. Her center had since changed and I had only taken 2 classes through Robin by one of her staff members 7 years prior to our meet up.  When she realized who I was after talking, she said I reminded her much of her younger self and she offered me a partial scholarship! I was accepted into her teacher training program at the 200hr level and I've been forever grateful since. She has taught me more than yoga and much philosophy on life and business/success.  I do what I love and I love what I do!

    I have worked with many students who are brand new to yoga or have only tried a couple of classes or online lessons before.  I like witnessing the progression of my studentswhen gaining new love, passion, and skills for yoga and mindfulness over time. I like seeing how they use it in their lives. I love teaching what I'm passionate about and Making sure my students know that they should listen to THIER bodies not mine. Go as deep into an asana (pose) as you can and want to. Do not ever do what is uncomfortable for you or until ready for the challenge. Work patiently and diligently,very patiently and diligently my friends. 

    I tell students seeking lessons for anything to always pay attention to how they feel with their connection to that person. Do you feel drawn to this teacher? Are they offering prices or services to you that seem doable and appealing? Also, it's helpful to pay attention to the first impression and the energy you feel from an instructure. However, it is your journey right?! You need to choose someone who works for you but do not hesitate to call an instructor or meet up for the first time to get a better sense of whether it could work for the two of you or not. Do not feel guilty for looking around at different instructors. There needs to be a nice connection in my humble opinion. Hope that helps! :-) 

    -How comfortable are you with sharing certain expectations, goals, or other topics with them.
    -establish boundaries you would like to set within the lessons with said teacher. 
    -are you fully committed to these lessons?

    - setting a good schedule consistently that will work for you to take lessons. 

    -ask yourself what is it that you truly want to gain out of these lesson.

    - what are you willing to spend to gain goals. 

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