Find a salsa dance lessons in Roseville, MI

Find salsa dance lessons in Roseville, MI

Find salsa dance lessons in Roseville, MI

Share a few details and we'll show you the best salsa dance lessons in your area.
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Find salsa dance lessons in Roseville, MI

Share a few details and we'll show you the best salsa dance lessons in your area.
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Top 10 salsa dance lessons in Roseville, MI

Students agree: these instructors are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
The Dance Scene

The Dance Scene

14 hires on Lessons
48+ years in business
Serves Roseville, MI
Derek O. says, "She is very helpful, welcoming and makes it very easy to understand the steps." Read more
Argentine Tango Detroit

Argentine Tango Detroit

New on Lessons
23+ years in business
Serves Roseville, MI
Our dance school offers personalized lessons, shows, and events mixed from Argentine Tango, Salsa, Hip Hop, and Latin club style. We have professional teachers and dancers who specialize in each of these fields winning awards and many achievements. Feel at home walking into our school and leaving a Dancer!
Victoria Gjolaj Dance Lessons

Victoria Gjolaj Dance Lessons

Serves Roseville, MI
Sam S. says, "Victoria knows her dances well and can easily explain them in detail. She is very patient and works with her students closely to ensure they understand what is being taught. " Read more
Jeffmcfly Hiphop Lessons

Jeffmcfly Hiphop Lessons

9+ years in business
Serves Roseville, MI
Jeffrey H. says, "He is the best son a father can have. Hard headed at times but that how a son is." Read more
Valentina’s School Of Ballet

Valentina’s School Of Ballet

New on Lessons
11+ years in business
Serves Roseville, MI
Ballet School with strong contemporary program for seniors students . Pre- professional training . Little kids classes . Disciplines : Ballet , Point, Variations, Contemporary, Stretch , Condition, Acting , Jazz, Improvisation . Ballet Competitions, Two Recitals on the end of the year , full length ballets.

Your salsa dancing questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Lessons.

How much are salsa dance lessons?

The cost of salsa dance lessons can vary based on different factors like the location, studio or instructor, lesson format, and available packages. Typically, group classes range from $15 to $30 per session,while private lessons can cost between $50 and $100. Some studios may have special introductory offers or workshops at reduced rates.

For accurate pricing details, it is recommended to directly contact local dance studios or instructors who can also inform you about any ongoing promotions.

What should I wear to salsa dance lessons?

When it comes to attire for salsa dance lessons, prioritize comfort and flexibility. Opt for loose clothing that allows easy movement, such as leggings or yoga pants for women and comfortable pants or shorts for men. Avoid wearing restrictive garments like jeans that may hinder your movements or cause inconvenience to your dance partner.

For footwear, select comfortable closed-toe shoes with good ankle support. Leather-soled shoes are ideal for smooth dancing, but clean sneakers can also suffice initially. Steer clear of open-toed or high-heeled shoes as they can pose risks during dancing.

Where can I take salsa dancing lessons?

If you are looking to enroll in salsa dancing lessons, there are various options available:

  • Dance Studios: These establishments offer salsa classes catering to all skill levels and provide a structured learning environment along with the chance to interact with fellow dancers.
  • Community or Recreation Centers: Sometimes these centers include salsa classes in their fitness or arts programs at more affordable rates compared to dance studios.
  • Private Instructors: Private instructors can be found through platforms like or via recommendations. This option offers personalized guidance and is suitable for individuals seeking individualized attention or those who prefer a more private learning setting.
  • Online Resources: While not a replacement for in-person classes, online tutorials and video lessons can complement your learning process or serve as an initial step if attending physical classes is not feasible.

What questions should I ask a salsa instructor?

Before committing to salsa lessons, it is advisable to ask potential instructors certain questions to ensure they align with your needs:

  • What is your experience in teaching salsa dance and at what proficiency levels?
  • What teaching approach do you follow? Do you emphasize technique, improvisation, or social dancing?
  • How large are your classes typically and what is the class structure?
  • Do you offer classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners?
  • What is your policy regarding cancellations for private or group lessons?
  • Are there any prerequisites for joining your classes such as prior dance experience?

How do I choose a salsa instructor?

When selecting a salsa instructor, consider these recommendations to improve your chances of finding an instructor who suits your dance goals:

  • Choose an instructor with experience teaching salsa at the level you desire and look for certifications from reputable dance organizations.
  • Select an instructor whose teaching style matches your learning preferences.
  • Evaluate their personality and communication style during an initial consultation or trial class.
  • Read reviews on platforms like and Google or seek recommendations from friends who have taken salsa lessons.
  • Pick a studio that is convenient to your location and has classes that fit your schedule and budget.

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Bernie O.
She is so fun and energetic!
the Dance Scene
Carlyle P.
Patiences and talented with teaching
Jeffmcfly hiphop lessons
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