Waywardwenchware   [NOTE: Located In Royal Oak, Michigan]

Waywardwenchware [NOTE: Located In Royal Oak, Michigan]

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I've been sewing for almost 5 decades. I love doing this and teaching people of all ages this craft is my passion. I've made (my own) prom and wedding dress, tailored suits, canvas covers and upholstery for boats and vans, window treatments, bags, costumes, if it can be put thru a sewing machine I've probably made it. Also knowledgeable of most sewing machines, I know how to alter patterns to fit, and have made a few patterns of my own. Sewing for yourself or others is a very rewarding thing. What can I do you you?

I enjoy all aspects of sewing. From the first cut of the fabric to the final button hole. Sewing allows for you to really dress yourself (or others) or your home with something that is truly unique to who you are and what you like. I love hearing one of my students say, when asked, "where did you get that dress?" "I designed and made this myself". There's a huge level of pride that always comes thru. Sewing can also be very Zen, for me. When I'm lost in a project, I feel like I'm taking time for myself to solve a putting together type of puzzle, to tap into my creative side, as yes, to even relax. So much clothing and other fabric wares are so cheaply made, and soooo common place. Fabric options are vast and allow for any seamstress or seamster to create some really cool things, gifts etc. Sewing has become a bit of a lost art, but I believe it may be making a comeback.

So, let's get sewing!


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Hazem S.

She is amazingly talented with lots of experience. Saved a lot of time for me with her vast knowledge and professional techniques.
Would love to have her when she is available.
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November 03, 2021
Hired on Lessons

Kimberly D.

She is an outstanding instructor. Looking forward to taking more lessons.
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September 22, 2021
Hired on Lessons

Lauren M.

Mandy is an excellent teacher and a lot of fun. Her knowledge is vast. She has been sewing so long that she know not only the basics but several tips/hacks that are invaluable for any level person learning to sew. She helped me make some cushions, curtains and valences for my camper - and its cute as hell and totally encapsulates who I am. Being in her home/classroom, Ive also seen many of her own projects shes made for herself and her Etsy store. Her designs are hella unique, fun and the highest quality. I cannot recommend her enough for just about anything sewing related.
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May 16, 2021

John E.

I needed some to make some simple valences and drapes for my home. Mandy, provided perfect guidance, suggestions, for patterns and fabrics. Then she was able to assist me with construction via online classes. Her communication and teaching skills were great. Don’t know how I could have accomplished what I needed done without her!
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May 14, 2021

Laurie D.

She addressed all of the issues I was having. I was able to make all the alterations necessary to completely fix my dress in a one hour class.
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April 25, 2021
Hired on Lessons

Carol D.

She is knowledgeable, patient and reasonable!
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April 19, 2021
Hired on Lessons

Frequently asked questions

I am flexible and adaptable to about any process.  I live and work at home, as does my husband.  We've both received both vaccines, we don't get out much, and we're big on wearing masks for our safety and out of respect for our fellow human beings. Depending on your situation I can come to you, or you to me or we can meet online. Whatever works for you. As for process, if you are new to sewing we'll start we the basics of getting to know your machine, then move on to cutting, construing and sewing a simple, fun project together. If you are not a beginner, then I'll get a feel for where you want to start and we"ll go from there. 

I like to keep things light and fun, but I want to be sure you walk away with the confidence you need to feel like you are becoming a master sewer. 

I was a clothes fashionista when I was younger. When my mother realized the costs it would take to dress 2 teenage daughters in the manner to which we wanted, being concerned w the high cost of this situation she made my sister and me a deal. "I'll buy you a couple ready made back to school clothes, but can't afford much more than that. BUT, I will pay for anything you want to sew". That's all I needed to hear. With her help, and yes an actual Home Ec. class, I developed a passion.  By the time my Sr. Prom rolled around, I made my own gown.  In college I was the go to seamstress for any costume needs  and I also worked in the theater department making costumes.  I went on to make home decor items for myself and others.  And, of late, I've taken to making canvas covers for our sailboat, and other campers and vans.  

I am basically self taught. But how I learned was by taking one project, completing it, then moving next to the next. Each time each new project was just a little bit more challenging. I studied sewing techniques, read many books, a literally had some sort of project going just about all the time. When you have a passion, growing and learning and perfecting is less work and more like play or pure enjoyment. 

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