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* All Martial Arts & Training has their specific benefits; There is a way for all Maritialists to find one, that is best for their own  highest good; We at "3Soteric Life" & "Esoteric MMA Fight & Fitness Gym" & "Pai Lum Sky Dragon Academy", have simply taken the best of all our training, kept & expanded & improved what works; from 36 Systems/Styles/Methods & Techniques; and thrown out the rest; we are a difinitive "Fighters Gym", balanced out for those non-Fighters that want: Kung Fu/TaiChi/Wing Chun/Qi Gong. However, overall is the input of "Nourishment" for the basic beginning; Then "Movement" & then "Enlightenment". These 3 concepts of our foundation, is what stands out for us;

* Well, it took many years to find this joy; basically, its I have found I love my life because I love what I do; Inclusive, it is a great day when I watch a Student progress or attain whatever their goal is; The other side, there is a real “Family” of whom we are, just as when I was with my “Chinese Families”, that I still maintain today; Then other side of the side, there is great enjoyment that I maintain great health & fitness, for after all, at age 68 I have to keep up with the young whippersnappers;

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

* Evaluation of Experience, (during the 90min intro), as a beginner without Skills, or any attained Martialist Skills, inclusive, what is the Student really want to accomplish? Professor Coach Merrick & myself Sifu Lohan, have 80 years of quality Training & Teaching between us; we have defined the best & most effective & best of 36 Systems ~ Styles ~ Methods & Techniques; If it does not work, we do not teach it; We pass on all that we have to Students holding back no so-called secrets; What is our process? What do we say? "We will teach you to become better than us"

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

* Professor Coach Merrick: Muay Boron * Muay Thai Kickboxing * Golden Gloves Boxing * Esoteric Jujutsu ~ Gracie Jiu Jitsu * Krav Maga * Freestyle Wrestling: Grappling ~ Submissions ~ Takedowns ~ Reversals ~ Chokes ~ Chin'Na Leverages ~ Strategy * MMA Yoga * Nutrition Precision * Kids Kickboxing * Kids Jujutsu * Kids Yoga * “Cage Combat”  (12)

> Sifu Lohan:  Kung Fu * Tai Chi * Pai Lum Kyun Kickboxing * Qi Gong * Wing Chun * Forms * Weapons * Choy Li Fut * Standing Oak Tree/Willow Tree/Fire Tree * Cage Combat  (10)

> Coach Merrick is a UFC Referee & sits on the Minnesota Fight Commission Board & Teaches how to become a Fight Referee; He also has attained 18 Certifications in the Health & Fitness fields; His greatest skills are the intense conditioning & personal designed program for each Student; with unbeatable fighting skills in: Kickboxing/Boxing/JiuJitsu/Grappling/MMA Yoga;

> Sifu Lohan lived 24/7 with his 1st Chinese Grandmaster for 8.8 years; then lived 24/7 with his 2nd GrandMaster for 7 years; inclusive training off & on with his 3rd GrandMaster since 1989, whom is still Teaching today at age 70, still with the highest levels of skill; His greatest skills are also in conditioning & endurance, (Sifu used to run 62 miles twice a week, from Orlando to Daytona, attained by plowing through the Ocean water every night for 3 months; his GM Lung Pai gave him this non-secret way of endurance, thereof explaining why, Sifu never ever never got tired; inclusive, he never lost at combat). Additionally, Sifu has a deep understanding of what it is to develop “Inner Power”, that can be transferred to “Outer Power”. Along with his quality skills via experience, of: GongFu & TaiJi Quan & Wing Chun & Combat; 

Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? If so, please share the details here.

* Beginners; No Tuition $$$ for Any 10 Days ~ Jump in Any Classes on those 10 Days; We want Students, to enjoy class & have fun & attain their level of fitness & health & develop real skills to protect themselves & their loved ones;

> 3 Classes per/week is $35  *  > Unlimited Classes per/week is $40  *  "One on One" Training is offered by the hour with the Coach or the Sifu  *  Only 1~4 Students is allowed, thereof, they can all share the Tuition Fee  *  18 hour Training Camps are provided on a TBA basis  *  Our Time Energy & Effort is Valuable & Valid for the School; meaning, should we have to Travel to the Student, for Private lessons, additional Tuition can be negotiated;

How did you get started teaching?

* A very special Teacher that spoke no English, at his family Chinese diner in Olympia`WA, had that kind of “Spirit Awareness”, telling his Daughter to translate to me; “I have great potential in ways unknown to me, go with my Father Gao ShouLing, he is going to begin your training.” Okay, nothing else to do at age 16 in 1967, I went with him. My training was phenomenal. Then again in 1977, like a Déjàvu, another GrandMaster Pai TienLung, told me to be at his home on my Birthday, before Midnight, or he would not teach me; I was there at 11:05pm, knocking on his door, waking him up, whereas he said I was late, (I was not actually), then took me to my bedroom settling me in with sheets & blankets, towith my great joy, I lived & trained under GM Pai for 7 years; of course, I did not know what I ever did to deserve this gift; possibly the same “great potential” he saw in me, (that I now see in potential Students), whereas he must have know, even now at age 68 I will Train & Teach until my last breath; as to my 3rd Grandmaster, Tsai ChiYuan in Chicago, the 17th Generation Lineage holder of Mei Hua Chuan, (Plum Flower Fist), I kind of found him & he certainly accepted me as an indoor student, as I had great skills; however, he knew I was searching for him; as I said, he still is teaching today, at age 70, whilst all I can say is; Grandmaster is even better than ever before;

What types of students have you worked with?

* All kinds of course; from every walk of life, of every age, (like 4 to 84), with no skill, or some skill, or highly skilled, or just a klutz; a few that were blind & a few that had disablement; our Teacher had programs in place, to increase the fighting, takedown, or controlling abilities of: Police, Swat, Security Guards, a few Rangers, and many in the Military that just wanted greater skills, but smile, we made them promise not to beat up their Drill Sergeant. The simple answer is we train any type of Student; should they have violent tendencies, (like a few Gangbanger sorts), we either break them of this type of consciousness, or they have to leave; Ha, is that not a metaphor? We Train Saints to Sinners!

Describe a recent event you are fond of.

* Easy: our 1st Kickboxing Competition Event; then our 2nd Event; our 3rd Kickboxing was months ago & the Fighters & Fans loved it; Now our 4th Kickboxing Event is November 4th whereas, besides the fun & excitement that all enjoyed; it is also an event provided for Fighters to "Test Their Skills". Then, I was amazed at the TBA Muay Thai World Expo every year in Iowa; an insight into this event that every Martialist should experience; in 2019 there were 900 fighters over a single weekend; what I was mostly fond of; seeing the youth battle away. They were ages 5 to 7 to 9 & 10 to 12, whereas watching them was a joy, for one could see at such a young age they have all the qualities of: Courage * Strength * Perseverance * Skill * having Fun * and great sportsmanship win or lose; this carries the meaning; we at 3SOTERIC PROMOTIONS want our events to be like this;

What advice would you give a student looking to hire a teacher in your area of expertise?

* It is not the System or Style; never ever that. It is the Teacher, as only a great Teacher can get you to greatness. The bond that is formed between Teacher & Student, is unbreakable & lasts a lifetime. That is why the Chinese 1000’s of years, created “Shifu ~ Sifu ~ Sensei”, meaning: Teacher/Father. Of course, try out many systems & styles, until you find the one that fits your desires,  or that you love. Many Aikido Martialists will not do Wing Chun; and many Wing Chun will not do Tae Kwan Do. Therefore, the  advice is basically; ask a potential Teacher to show you very definitively what you are going to learn, how you are going to learn it, how long will it take you to really be able to protect yourself (less than 3 months), and in some way, attempt to get the Teacher to say: “I will Teach you to become better than Me”. Any great Teacher needs to say this; inclusive, they will not hold back any “so-called secrets”. Lastly, there needs be a good vibration of pleasant personality when you meet a potential Teacher;

What questions should students think through before talking to teachers about their needs?

* Kind of explained this in the “Advice” post, but okay; I always had questions: What is your background Sir, so I know how I am going to train? I am not concerned about your years or your rank at all, for I have seen many training for 20 or 30 or 40 years, yet there skills are nonexistent; so what skills can you show me, that I see will be best for me? (should a Teacher ever go; wham wham bam hurt hard flip hard cause any pain whatsoever … walk out the door). I am not sure how to ask questions, that enable one to perceive, the Teacher has egotistical vanity, (I would like to know this one), however, should this be perceived, also walk out the door. Then there is a self-reflection, after beginning the training, have clarity with yourself, “this is not for me”, explain this to the Teacher & quietly withdraw; I have absolutely sent Students down the road, with a warm good bye no offense at all, to a great Karate Dojo. I knew, they knew, this kind of training was not for them. We best include, ask if this training is okay with your Parents or Family or your Spouse; having their support is quite necessary;