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PhysicalLea Fit Yoga Flexibility Strength

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Offers online services


ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor with two decades of teaching experience, Lea is ready to launch you towards your fitness goals. Lea works with all ages and abilities, specializing in helping individuals on their personal journey developing deeper connections between mind and body, finding ways to incorporate exercise into a busy modern lifestyle and enjoying the experience.

I love to have fun with people while sharing the knowledge I've accumulated through years of study in fitness, anatomy, behavior, motivation, performance, yoga, acrobatics and dance- it's amazing to hear adult students exclaim at rediscovering joy in their bodies they hadn't felt since childhood.


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    ~Fayzah Fire~
    to Lea
    8 days agoDetails
    How is this? 😘Testimonial-
    Lea is not only an excellent and skilled teacher and coach..she is also a very caring person who is passionate about her work and clients. She is very knowledgeable and aware that everyBODY is different. She works with individuals tuning in to their specific needs.
    Outside of her sessions she also walks the walk. I am so inspired by her lifestyle choices, from her biking all over town, composting waste, to the way she washes dishes while doing a hip stretch at the same time.
    Ive also been truly amazed watching her in her yoga work with children & elders.
    When Ive sought out her guidance, her approach has been gentle, effective, and inspiring. She continuously reminds me, and keeps me in check, about balancing gentleness with progressing towards the next level.
    I highly recommend Lea to anyone!
    - Fayzah,
    Professional Dancer/Choreographer/Wellness & Life Enhancement Guide
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    October 27, 2017


    Matthew T.

    In a very short period of time Lea was able to identify the root of what I thought was a chronic injury, and advise an easy to follow path towards healing and recovery. I have full mobility back and am able to physically work as well as I used to. All done with a caring and cheerful demeanor.
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    October 23, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

    When working with a new student, I am focused on getting to know the person, their personal history and preferences, as well as their current fitness condition and goals.  Learning about a student's past successes and challenges, as well as experiences of injury and recovery are key to creating the best program to move the student towards their goals injury-free.

    My Bachelor's degree is in Psychology, as I'm interested in human behavior and motivation.  Much of my yoga teacher training is rooted in the Kripalu tradition, the yoga of compassion, from the Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda.  I am also certified as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor through ACE, the American Council on Exercise.  My meditation training is based in Transcendental Meditation and I have studied the InnerFire method with acclaimed "IceMan" WimHof, whose method of breathing and cold exposures continues to amaze scientists as a technique for strengthening the circulatory, pulmonary and immune systems of the body.  I became very interested in physical fitness and flourishing of human health as a young dancer seeking alternative forms of conditioning to compete in the ballet world.  I continue to build my knowledge from the latest research to best inform my students.

    Pricing is dependent upon number of students and class location.  Please contact to discuss.

    As a young dance and physical education student, I noticed corrections that other students missed.  At an early age I found myself fighting the urge to help teach the other students!  Luckily, as part of my scholarship duties working with a major ballet company, I was given the role of assistant teacher for younger students, beginning my teaching career! 

    I have worked with all different ages and abilities, from children in daycares to older adults in assisted living facilities!  As a lifeguard and swim instructor I worked in a special needs pool with students dealing with emotional issues, cerebral palsy, and various physical challenges.  I have taught after school programs and volunteered my time for children with autism.  I have worked with military and others suffering from trauma, using movement as a healing tool.  I also have taught Olympic competitors seeking to add fluidity and grace as they transitioned careers into stage theatrical performance.  My wide range of teaching experience helps me to meet each individual student where they are at, with their unique history, abilities and aspirations, to help them progress towards optimal health.

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