Cooking With Mariah The Chef

Cooking With Mariah The Chef



Passionate about food and the experience I am giving guest.

Love is the first ingredient in all my dishes

I have experience in every aspect of the food industry

For the past 3 years, I have educated myself in vegan cooking and just transforming traditional dishes into healthier options.

Nothing is more important than what we put in our body, nothing is more valuable than our body, constantly growing, learning and I love to pass it on

I am aspiring comedian so bad jokes come free with every lesson


Work is my Joy kitchen is home to me. I have been cooking in NYC for 8 years, in that time i have worked with so many people that have taught me more than any school has.

My work ethic is get the job done and do it right

Have fun!

I myself live a healthy lifestyle and love when I can help others improve their diet without going on a diet

Consistency Commitment Confidence


Serves Brooklyn , NY

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Frequently asked questions

First, what would you like to learn?

I will send you options of lessons or you can request what you want to learn

Below are a few lesson options provided

Brooklyn resident’s $40 one-person 30 min lesson of how to make a dish utilizing what is in your kitchen already 


Cooking the basics (30 min lessons)              


·         Eggs and breakfast potatoes

·         Breakfast prep

·         Hot breakfast cereal


Cooking the bases 45 min – 1hr

·         Soups and stocks

·         Braise and A ju

       Cooking under $20

·         Hamburger helper 2.8

·         Ramen

·         Stewed squash and sausage pasta

·         Fried rice

·         Fried fritters and sauté veggies

Cooking Pasta (45 min)

·         Learn to make fresh pasta home

·         Make homemade alfredo sauce

·         Garlic and herb butter sauce

·         Mexican marinara

·         Marinara sauce


             Cooking vegan (30 min – 1 hour)

·         Make the most out of mushrooms

·         Vegan burgers

·         Vegan dressing and sauces (25 min)


Party Appetizers (30-45min)


·         Devil eggs many ways

·         Empanadas (homemade dough)

·          Puff pastry bites

·         Mac and cheese bites

·         Stuffed banana wrap (pastel’s)

I have studied culinary arts at Mosholu Montefiore. I received a culinary certificate for 2 year training. Then I began to learn to really cook when I got my first restaurant job, haven’t stopped learning since.

Lessons average price for in NYC $65 per lesson not including ingredients

30min or more driving to student $150 is average including ingredients

Brooklyn resident’s $40 one-person 30 min lesson of how to make a dish utilizing what is in your kitchen already 

$10 each additional student 

It comes natural, if i see something is wrong i want to show you how to make it right.

New culinary school graduates, I have many couple clients seeking to live better lifestyle as they mature.

A event i am fond of is Chef Cycle for nokidhungry, its a cause helping everthing I am passionate about in one.

Getting ready to have you mine blown 

What you want to learn?

How frequent do you want lessons?

Do you have good knives and cuting boards?

Do you need to learn how to cook for specific health reasons ?

Services offered

Knife Skills
Pasta Making