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Offers online services


Richard Warren

Master Trainer

Growing up, Richard Warren was always active, playing various sports and competing at a young age. Traditional sports such as basketball, baseball, and football were some of his favorite past times. He then found the martial arts and fell in love with the journey one's body and mind takes to discovering itself. Richard then started studying the self- defense system, Vee-Arnis Jitsu. Soon after, in his constant search for new challenges, he became involved in collegiate and free-style wrestling and wrestled throughout his high school years. After competing for a number of years, he decided to go back to the martial arts and got involved with Wing Chun Kung Fu. Years of training has showed Richard the value of hard work and the perseverance it takes to attain one's goals. During his quests to physically and mentally better himself, he noticed the results and sought to share it with others. As a result, he started sharing his knowledge with those who had a desire to get fit but needed guidance. Richard realized very quickly, what he really enjoyed was helping others attain their goals. Till this day he continues to help individuals strive for excellence within them. More importantly, he tries to instill a work ethic that gets results not only now but for the rest of his client's lives.



9 years in business
Serves Fresh Meadows , NY
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Arnold E.

Arnold E, Age 48
I have been working with Richard for 18 months, I did not know him or have any references for him when we first started together and since I had never used a trainer before, feared I was going to get teamed up with a meat head jock, and hes the exact opposite. being a martial arts expert he knows how the body moves and reacts under stress, he knows how a body should be positioned to exert the maximum force.I have some health issues that are a bit of a constant, but I was lean and reasonably fit though I hadnt been to a gym in 3 years and wanted to look better, and feel fitter and stronger at 46. I knew I had trouble keeping weight on and wanted to gain a bit of muscle mass and look toned and fit . Richard developed an exercise program that keeps me interested and challenged, I have gained super lean weight, and today I lifted 190 lbs… and deadlifted just over 200lbs I am 5ft 11 and weigh 162….and am going on 48 years of age. I train with him twice a week and he gives me a workout to do by myself once a week. Richard trains you the right way, its all about correct form first ,so you dont get injured, its about identifying what your body feels like while you are working out so you know when you are doing something correctly. And he changes it up constantly so you dont get bored….I get bored quickly… really quickly, weve done 25 different abdominal exercises.. And counting. If you are looking for a trainer who doesnt make you sweat and likes to chit chat then move to another profile, youd be wasting this guys skill set and your money, Richard works you to your limit but in a considered way, he listens to you too and wants to know whats going on in your life before you start your session that day with him. Hes worked with me and it has worked for me … what else can I say?
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June 16, 2017



Gina, Age 42
I cannot explain my experience with you as trainer in three to four sentences. I look forward to my workouts with you and miss them if I cant make it because of work. I believe you continue to push me both physically and mentally. I feel you use my personality to build upon my training sessions. I know that you take the time to think about how you are going to spend the two hours we have each week which tells me you take our workouts very seriously. Just when I think I cant do something you make me believe otherwise. I actually push myself to be better because I wouldnt want to disappoint you. Thank you so much. I am very happy that you are my trainer.
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June 16, 2017

Frequently asked questions

As with all my clients I typically ask them a series of questions on their goals and aspirations. Then I put them through a baseline workout to determine their current conditioning level. Then we put forth a plan to make them accomplish their goals. The difference here is this is a individually tailored plan to help them achieve the what was thought not possible.

Attained N.A.S.M (National Academy Sports Medicine) Personal training Certification.

I have worked with all different age groups and backgrounds. I enjoy finding out my client's deep desires and helping them achieve them.

One of my latest clients told me that he was never good at athletics as a kid and was teased constantly. He said that training with me has given him the confidence to do things he never thought he could do not only in the fitness arena but in the boardroom too.

If you are looking for a change, a mind and body experience, then come train with me.

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