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Edgewater Kung Fu Academy provides adults, families, and children the opportunity to train in the martial arts in an environment that is both encouraging and supportive.

The classes are taught in a way that the student is challenged but at the same time encouraged to do their best.

Sifu Romain's teaching philosophy and the philosophy of his instructors is "character first, ability second."

Personally, I enjoy the training I have received from Sifu Romain and enjoy watching the students learn and get excited about the martial arts, both children and adults!


20 years in business
Serves Edgewater , NJ

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Frequently asked questions

Our typical process for working with a new student consists of a tour of the academy, an introduction to the instructor, and a 1-on-1 lesson to prepare, inform, and train the student in the philosophy and basics of our martial arts system.

Our Master Instructor, SIfu Karl Romain, has been studying and training Kung Fu for 40 years. He is a disciple of Grandmaster Willy Lin. He's been featured on radio and TV, on such shows as Oprah and Dr. Oz. He is also a published author, public speaker, and Master Life Coach.

Please visit our website www.edgewaterkungfu.com to learn more about our web specials.

Sifu Romain personally trains and educates all of his instructors in a complete instructor training program. All instructors are personally trained and certified by Sifu Romain in order to teach classes.

At our school, Edgewater Kung Fu Academy, we work with families and begin training students as young as 4 years old.

Classes are separated by age groups, 4-6 years old, 7-12 years old, 12+ for the Adult Classes.

Graduation is always a wonderful event! The students look forward to moving up in rank towards their Black Sash. The parents and classmates are extremely supportive and the demonstrations always have the students excited to come to class, ready to learn!

Sifu Romain gives excellenct guidelines on what to look for in an instructor in his book, "The Shaolin Athlete." To summarize, look for an instructor with a positive mental attitude, life experience, honesty and integrity, knowledge, and finally ability!

A master or instructor is, "a wise, loyal advisor. He or she is not there to be your friend. They serve as a guide to life." - Sifu Romain, The Shaolin Athlete

Ask yourself if you are willing to be open with your mentor? Can you talk to your mentor about your challenges and your limitations?

Can you trust your mentor to the point that you are brutally honest with him or her?

"A good mentor will call you out. A good mentor will challenge your weaknesses. He or she will set a standard that will cause you to raise your game. You must come ready to be challenged." -Sifu Karl Romain, The Shaolin Athlete

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