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Yoga is a practice that unites us with our truest self, the fullest expression of who we truly are. All that we are seeking outside of ourselves actually lies within us, begging to be unleashed. By stilling the mind, connecting to the body, and following the breath as it guides us inward, we journey to this place of unlimited creative potential. When we tap into this limitless well of information and imagination, we begin to see ourselves as creators capable of crafting our best possible reality. We view our life as an artist views a blank canvas, full of potential and possibility. Our practice is truly a work of art, an expression of our soul. Each practice is as different as each practitioner; each one of us holds a unique, personal truth. Our truth is our gift to the world and by living it, we send out ripples, inspiring others to express theirs. 

At its core, Art Form Yoga seeks to unite the healing practices of both art and yoga. By centering the mind and body, we can effectively give form to the expression of our spirit. Whether it be in the form of a poem, a painting, or a pose, we view this work of art as an expression of the guidance our highest self has to offer. 

Morgan Zelmer, founder of ArtFormYoga:

My yoga journey began as a meditation practice in an attempt to bring calm into my tumultuous life. It not only supplied the peace and stillness I craved, but showed me an entirely new perspective, a whole new world within. For the first time, I felt my own potential and the power I held to transform my life. I experienced a profound shift in my creativity; works of art and poetry outpoured almost effortlessly, fueled by the limitless imagination that I tapped into during meditation. I began to view my life as a painter views a blank canvas: full of potential and possibility, an opportunity to create. 

The next step for me was integrating this opening of the mind with that of the body. I started practicing Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga, immediately hooked by the strength and grace that it provided. It helped me develop an awareness of my body, learning to listen to its subtle language. Trusting the intuition that guided me on and off the mat, I was led to the Jamie Surya Yoga Studio where I completed a 200-hour Open Heart Yoga Teacher Training. Feeling drawn deeper into the philosophy and root of this ancient practice, I journeyed to India for a 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Intensive at Nada Yoga School. My classes are designed to connect you with the Creator within, encouraging expression through an array of creative mediums and unique exercises paired fluidly with traditional poses and breathwork. 

You will leave bursting with creativity, embodying new perspective, and connected to the guidance of 

your inner guru. 

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