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Motivate Me Mike

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This gym focuses on individualized fitness prescription.

This gym is more inclusive, wellness minded, and inspired.

This gym is dedicated to helping EVERYONE become their best SELF and live their best LIFE!


Because, wellness is not as simple as it seems.

And the copy/paste gyms out there have been shown to work for less than 10% of the population! Unacceptable!

So Motivate Me Mike exists because we ALL deserve to be at our best! We ALL deserve to experience life with a healthy body and mind! So we ALL deserve a place where a guy like me makes the process as achievable and enjoyable as possible. Using the best of exercise science, exercise psychology, and individuilized prescription.

A TRULY motivating and effective experience.

I'm highly certified, highly experienced, and have helped over 300 individuals 1-on-1 since 2013. And I'd love to help YOU TOO!

I love the challenge of working with people who have tried everything. The satisifaction of a job well done is worth more than money.


1 employee
9 years in business
Serves Sheffield Lake , OH

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    Joy B.

    Wow! A trainer to be reckoned with. So personal and focused on my overall process. You can tell he was born to do this. And the results? Just amazing! I would recommend him to anyone.
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    December 27, 2018

    Tim K.

    Customer centric training at its finest!
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    December 27, 2018

    Sandy K.

    His never ending enthusiasm. He is able to adapt activities to physical limitations. He’s knowledgeable in all areas of physical fitness.
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    December 27, 2018

    Johnny B.

    Mike brought Motivation and inspiration into my life in form fitness!!
    Mike educated me and made me stronger
    I am happy to say I’m on my way to becoming personal trainer and happy what future holds thank you mike
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    December 27, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    We schedule a free consultation by phone or via our booking website so you can meet with us to talk about your goals in order for us to quote to direct you to the program that is best for YOU!

    My certification titles include:

    1. NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

    2. CrossFit Lv 1 Coach 

    3. American Pakour Academy Lv 2 Instructor


    1. Training non-stop since Nov 2013

    2. About 200 1-on-1 clients 

    3. Over 1000 clients including every class and seminar.

    My Personal Sports Background:

    Football, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, track, jui-jitsu, and wrestling. 

    My Weekly Personal Fitness: 

    Powerlifting, running, high intensity interval strength training, bodybuilding, yoga, and parkour. 

    Wow. Just a lot. People who want to lose weight. Peope who want to build muscle. People who want to be better at a sport. People with depression and anxiety. People who want to improve their back, knee, or shoulder issues. People struggling with diebetes and heart problems. 

    The Top Qualities A Personal Trainer Should Have:

    1. Must genuinely care about people.

    2. Must walk-the-walk and look fit.

    3. Must have experience training people. 

    1. You should google what a realistic time frame is for your specific goal so that you can be mentally prepared for the path ahead.  

    2. If you have medical issues get cleared for exercise by your doctor first.

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