Lee Colee', Acting, Voice & Vocal Performance Coach

Lee Colee', Acting, Voice & Vocal Performance Coach

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Catch my latest Comcast commercial now up for Emmy and Telly awards on my website: https://leecoleevo.com/ With over 45 years on stage, in front of the camera, behind the mic and in the director's chair, I coach serious students both children and adults the solid techniques of their craft and how to compete in the entertainment industry for work. Over 25 of my alumni are now working nationally in film/tv, tech, cruise line entertainment, Disney World entertainment, recording and touring on the national level. Others are beginning pros in opera, landing a spot in the college theatre and music departments of their choice and even teaching themselves in schools across the country. I am now offering my services to the Oklahoma City and Edmond, Oklahoma areas as well as continuing to work as a concert vocalist, voice actor and narrator. My personal favorite performance roles on my resume' include "Aldonza" in MAN OF LAMANCHA, "Diana" in A CHORUS LINE, "Christine" in PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, "Lizzie/Director" in 110 IN THE SHADE and "Lady Tchaing" in THE KING & I. As a director/choreographer, I have directed over 65 musical theatre productions and straight plays, have screen credits for two films, national television etc. I am a proud member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing), voted best music and performance instructor in Hays County, TX for 10 years running. I've recorded three CDs of jazz, pop, country and classical standards. Background includes lifelong dance training, with an emphasis in tap. Would love to work with you to make your dreams of performing come true. To help you nail that gig and land that audition! See my Facebook page or website: Leecolee.com or email: [email protected]

I absolutely love to sing a beautiful song or interpret a well written script. And I love connecting emotionally to an audience and maybe leave them feeling better then when they came in. As a teacher and director, I am passionate about creating something wonderful with my students and casts. The rehearsal process is magic for me. Watching my students succeed and overcome a challenge thrills me! Check me out and give me a call: 405-985-1618


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Offers online services

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Child (under 13), Teenager (13 – 18), Adult (over 18), Senior (over 55)

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General introduction, Commercial, Dramatic, Animation, Dubbing, Narration

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    Kirk G.

    Excellent instruction and explanations for all things vocal. A true vocal artist who teaches vocal artistry!
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    February 10, 2020

    Genevieve H.

    I am proud to say that Miss Lee taught me everything I know about sparkling onstage and fundamental vocal technique. She encouraged me and my sister to expand what we thought was possible from our range of voice and expression. Through Miss Lees enthusiasm and experienced guidance, we learned how to act like professionals and perform with confidence. As a result of her training and support, we have been successful in many other performing endeavors throughout high school and college.
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    January 31, 2020

    I-Pei H.

    From grade school, my daughters learned and grew up under Lee’s amazing and optimistic energy as teacher, mentor, and stage mom. They continue to love performing on stage as busy college students. I cannot emphasize what a positive influence Lee had on their technical skills and showmanship sparkle in voice, dance, and acting. When we relocated to the San Francisco Bay area, their voice and dance instructors always remarked that they could tell what good training the girls had had, as their techniques were excellent. Don’t miss your opportunity to train with Lee!
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    January 28, 2020

    Eileen M.

    Very focused on student and very skilled
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    January 27, 2020

    Allan E.

    Lee always ran a tight ship yet encouraged her students/actors to give of their best.
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    January 27, 2020

    Carl G.

    Her knowledge and professionalism. She is highly dedicated to her students success.
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    January 27, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    Depending on current strengths and weaknesses, a series of exercises  may be customized to address specific issues.  Improvization, body awareness, script analysis, character development, stage presence, projection, speech habits.  Beginning with short monologues and two person scenes, students will work on their own at memorization and be coached in class to trust their instincts and emotional recall as they learn to "live in the moment" and not in their heads.  Advanced actors will work on audition pieces or projects they have been hired for to woodshed and polish.  Students will be able to record with their phones all of their work for review.

    American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC, Sonia Moore Theatre Institute, NYC, actors Richard Thomas and Verner Klemperer for acting.  Central State University in Edmond, Okla.  Texas Womens University in Denton, TX and Texas State University in San Marcos, TX for vocal performance and public relations/marketing.  Lydia Summer, private voice, Phil Black of NYC for tap/jazz/ballet dance, Tulsa Civic Ballet, Tulsa, CeeCee Farha, Oklahoma, ballet, Gracie Tune, Houston, TX , tap.  

    Private lessons can be booked for either a half hour or full hour.

    Group rates are for master class/workshops that last up to 2-3 hours.

    Students will provide their own scripts or purchase them from me.  Personal props/costumes will also be provided by each student.

    I grew up in my mom's dance studio and started teaching for her, including adult beginner classes when I was only 13!  From there I have always combined teaching with performing and directing.  You find your personal style of communication by just doing the job.  As a coach it is not about you.  You have to focus on each student and their needs and be able to create a path of development for them. Encourage them during difficulties.   As a performer, your priorities are obviously different.  Pros still need a coach to give honest feedback on your rehearsals and eventual performances.

    I have worked a whole lot with children along with adults both men and women.  Young performers are like little spongues and are capable of so much more then we think possible.  They are capable of amazing emotional honesty and can be wonderfully instinctive.  They love to pretend.  Teens can be tricky because their voices are changing weekly, their body/hormone issues and peer pressure make them self conscious.  This is always a fascinating challenge to me as a coach.  When a teen performer finally finds him/herself, learns to like themselves, the talent comes blazing through.  Adults in class can sometimes regress into their teen insecurities,or they have busy lives and juggle so many priorities but they bring life experiences to their work and it can be cathartic to bring truth and depth to a script or lyrics.   My professional students mostly need nagging to keep them from developing bad habits, or a maintenance check on their skills.  I've found I need to treat my young/teen students like grownups and the grownups like little kids.  Go figure!

    As a performer I love the sense of power that comes from succeeding in getting an audience to feel something or think in a different way. As a coach and director, opening nights are a huge thrill.  As the audience watches my performers, I watch them and love it when they respond as I had hoped they would.  I love the sense of family I have with my students and colleagues as we work together for a common goal.

    I'd want to know they were an expert in their craft and could communicate in a way that I connected to.  Not all performers are good teachers and vice versa.  What is their track record as a performer, credentials and former students?  Acting coaches are NOT psychologists and should never invade your emotional space or make you feel inadequate in order to lift themselves up.  Egos can sometimes create monsters who claim to "break you down to build you up."  Don't fall for it.  A teacher who can motivate you to strive for excellence with encouragement, honest feedback in a kind way and cheer your accomplishments is definitely someone you want on your team and you'll gladly pay him or her.

    Why do I want to take lessons?  On the list of my weekly priorities, where does my training fit in?  At the top, middle or lower?  In other words, hobby status? Confidence building?  A future as a pro?

    What do you like about yourself right now?  What dream role would you love to do?  TV actor or film, stage role?  Commercials?  How do you react to constructive critiques?  

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